Sunday, April 02, 2006

In Changsha


We've been busy sightseeing and have had no access to the hotel computer. We flew to Changsha (Lindy's hometown) on Sunday afternoon and are now at the Dolton Hotel. There was a chance that we would get Lindy today but that fell thru. We're bummed but will be able to get her on Monday morning at 9:30am. Hopefully in the next day or so we can add some backdated info and post some pictures. The hotel computer is 1 Yuan per minute (12 cents) and it takes about 2 minutes for a simple page to load. (Remember dial-up - it's worse!!) We can't view our blog which means we can't yet see the comments that you post. The best way to reach us right now is to send an email to our Yahoo address listed on our blog. Thanks for the encouraging emails you've sent. We'd like to respond to everyone but haven't been able to yet. Keep praying for us and for Lindy.

Love Don


Anonymous said...

Time is getting soooooo close now. Sorry about the delays and hope the emotional lows are inconsequential compared to the highs. Give Lindy a big hug for us when you pick her up today...give each other a big hug for us too.
Pauline & Steve

Anonymous said...

Oh the excitement! Even here in Pennsylvania. So glad your travels have been safe so far and we are waiting (impatiently I must admit) to know you have baby Lindy in your arms. YEAH!!!! Love to all of you. Todd, Donna, Kayla, Tyler and Kaci

Anonymous said...

We are so happy and excited for you.We cant wait to see her and you.....Our love and prayers are with you......

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to hear the news that Lindy is in your arms! I know how exciting and healing it will be! Talked to your mom last night at church and we were both watching the clock and counting down the hours.

Mom said...

The waiting is really hard! I'm sure you have Lindy by now, but I can hardly wait to get the news! Still, what a blessing it's been to have this means of communication. We love you all so much...wish I could be giving you big hugs. Just a few more days! Love,

Anonymous said...

Don and Lisa,
It's Monday morning here in California and I am certain that you have your sweet baby by now! I am overwhelmed with gratitude to our Lord for bringing you both to this beautiful place in your lives. I am also so thankful to be able to experience your journey vicariously through your Blog and emails...what a joy! Our prayers are with you constantly! Much love in Christ, Pam, Mani & Girls

David Caples said...

Dearest Lisa and Don,

Life has been going on as usual for me during the last few days. I do the same routine as always. Today is the end of the college basketball season and the beginning of the baseball season. Normally, that would be unbelievably exciting for me. But, I want you to know--that I am only going through the motions. I have not used up any excitement on superfluous activities such as sports. Instead, my mind, my heart, my total being is on the three of you.

I am very very excited to hear that you have gotten to your destination safely. I want you to know that I have been praying that it would be just right during your trip. I am totally anxious to know that Lindy is with you and to see the pictures on your blog site. I will feel truly privileged to be among the first to see the three of you when you arrive home. That is still ten days away and seems like a very long time to still wait.

This comes to you with all my love!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog about your adventure. They are very interesting and we think about you all the time. I ask mommy to read your blog every night. I can't wait to meet and play with Lindy.

Megan Rhoads - 8 yrs old
San Antonio, TX.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! It's Deanna!

I can feel you and Don's anticipation. It's 10.24 p.m. on Monday in California. I think you may have Lindy right now if I'm calculating the time right. I can't wait to hear and see pictures.

God bless you, Don, and Lindy!