Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lindy goes to the theatre (To be read in a sophisticated dialect)

This morning we met some friends at a local theatre to see their stage production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I've been wanting to take Lindy to a play for a long time but just hadn't had (made) the opportunity yet. The past few months she's really shown her flair for drama and imagination by memorizing lines to movies (primarily Cinderella) and acting out various scenes. I tried explaining to Lindy what a play is but she couldn't quite comprehend the concept. We were the first to arrive and be seated and she was genuinely apprehensive and a bit afraid as we entered the dark and quiet tiny theatre.

As it grew closer to showtime, her excitement mounted and fear seemed to dissipate. She was especially excited when her friends showed.

The great thing about this theatre is that it is super intimate, kid friendly, and they keep the kids engaged by encouraging participation. At the beginning of the play, they let all the little princesses on stage to have their picture taken with Snow White. With my little wiggle worm, I was concerned she'd rush the stage and try to participate a bit too much. I was pleasantly surprised when she stayed pretty still and quiet the entire time.

I've always enjoyed attending theatre whether it be high school, local small town, or big time professional, so you can imagine I've really dreamed of sharing these kinds of moments with Lindy. This morning was perfect and I look forward to many more trips to the theatre in the future!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

"To her the name of father was another name for love." Fanny Fern

To say I love you and adore you is not enough, Daddy. You are simply the best. Thank you for being such a wonderful Daddy.

Happy Father's Day!

Lindy Li-Xiao

Friday, June 13, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore

Lindy and I had the opportunity to take a very last minute trip to Kansas to visit my parents. Our main motivation was to see my grandparents and Uncle Rickey who were visiting from California. Originally, my grandparents were planning on coming to San Antonio as part of their RV trip. However, due to various circumstances, that changed.

While we were there we took a couple of historical trips around the area, went shopping, got Lindy's haircut, and just had fun visiting. We got to see the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales from St. Louis and she met the movie star dalmatian from the beer commercials, Bud. Lindy has become quite theatrical and loves to act out scenes from Cinderella. She loved having an adoring and interactive audience. She also loved having her toenails and fingernails painted with the color Pink Crystal.

Lindy was an absolute champ on all legs of the trip (even with delays) and missed several naps during our stay. She did absolutely great! I was reminded how blessed I am with such a flexible and happy child.

We had a super fun time and are so happy we got to make this quick, unexpected trip! Thanks for everything, Mom & Dad! We love you!