Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ordinary and extraordinary

Dear Lindy,

Today was a typical busy Saturday. When I think about it, there wasn't one thing extraordinary for us. We ate at home, ran errands, played, read books, you watched Cinderella, and Mommy and Daddy tried to tackle the never-ending "To-Do" list. Some would call it a boring day. We call it a day in the life.

Two years ago today was not at all a boring day for us. It was the day we boarded a plane to go to China to bring you home. I remember being so excited I couldn't sleep, read, or watch the in-flight movies. That made for a VERY long trip. Poor Daddy was in the middle seat sitting next to a drunk guy who was causing trouble. He had an even LONGER trip.

There are days that are so ordinary, they just kind of blend into the next day and really aren't too memorable. March 29, 2008 is definitely one of them! Then there are extraordinary days you want to hang onto forever and remember every detail of them. March 29, 2006 and the days following are definitely those types of days!

This week we will celebrate you being our daughter for two years. I look forward to celebrating the memories we've created and can't wait to see what the future holds for us.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

We had a nice day yesterday, although Don was sick and not at 100%. After church we shared Easter dinner with the Brown family--a special tradition. When I went into her room at 7:45 to wake her up, I asked, "Do you know what day it is today?" She usually answers, "Sunday." Yesterday she answered, "Easter." Lindy was quite excited to find out the Easter Bunny had come to visit. She didn't seem to notice the cool pink vacuum he left because she was too concerned with the candy. By the end of the day I was tired from telling her, "No, you can't have any more candy..." She is not very good at letting "no" be the end of the conversation. RELENTLESS, that one!

She had fun hunting eggs in the Brown's backyard and even more fun eating the M & Ms.

Here are some pictures of the day...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A look at past Easters

The first Sunday after we brought Lindy home in April 2006 was Easter. I was really torn about whether we should take Lindy to church but Don insisted. If I remember correctly, she did really well and the people around us were quite forgiving! Looking at these pictures, I can't believe how little she was. She had chubby little wrists and thighs and that toothy grin and cheesy, squinty smile cracked us up.

In 2007 it was very cold (for south Texas) and rainy, so she didn't get to wear the first two dresses I had chosen for her. We also had to hide eggs inside. We hadn't even told her she was going to hunt for eggs or the purpose of the basket but it must've been instinctive. We handed her the basket and in moments she had gathered all the eggs. Believe me, she's NOT that ambitious or efficient when it comes to cleaning her room!

Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler and possibly rainy, so I'm already choosing plan B for her dress. I am looking forward to her enjoying the day and I already know she'll be thrilled there is candy involved...

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Festive Friday

I'll admit it, I have issues when it comes to doing arts and crafts with Lindy. First, unfortunately I am not very gifted in this area, so I feel a bit inept. I want to do stuff but sometimes I just don't know where to begin. Second, I am always worried about the mess. Third, my nature to want to control situations rears its head, even when it doesn't matter. If Lindy wants to color the moon green, why can't she? She's two. The whole process makes me kind of nervous. I know that probably sounds silly but it is true.

However, I was watching Super Nanny the other night (go ahead and laugh) and it was so obvious the parents weren't doing anything with their kids. It was sad. These miserably, atrociously behaved kids were crying out for interaction with their parents and they really didn't get much. It was quite sad. It reminded me how important it is to take time to do fun stuff with her, even if it is messy and a bit out of my comfort zone.

So, today we decorated Easter eggs. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I did this. She was so excited and I tried to be laid back about the process. We didn't even get that dirty. I guess she liked it because she said, "I love you Mommy. You're my best friend" over and over.

Here are some pictures...

Happy Spring

How did Lindy celebrate the first day of spring? By blowing lots and lots of bubbles in the backyard.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Look out Eva Longoria Parker

This overheard during the last few minutes of the Spurs game yesterday:

Mommy: "Go! GO!!! GOOOO!!! C'mon Tony..."

Lindy: "Go! GO!!! GOOOOO!!!! C'mon Tony. He's sooooo cute."

Mommy: "What? You think Tony Parker is cute?"

Lindy: "Yes."

Not sure where that came from. I keep reminding myself that she also thinks babies, kittens, and puppies are cute, too. Hopefully it will stay like that for(ever) a long time and she'll stay away from NBA players.

I apologize to any readers who have no idea what this post was about.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Trip to the zoo

Last Wednesday Lindy and I joined some friends of ours for our first trip to the zoo this year. Now those of you in cooler climates please know I'm not trying to taunt you. It was 92 degrees here last Monday and I detested it!!! Your beautiful days are coming and I'm in fear of what our spring and summer will hold. Anyway, just have to share one story...

We were visiting the Africa section of the zoo and stopped by to visit the black rhino. She was in a pit about four feet below us. I hoisted Lindy up on top of the wall to see the rhino. Lindy was a bit fidgety and more interested in her friend's snack than the rhino. Since she wasn't interested, I put her back in her stroller. I must make a disclaimer right here that I wasn't pulling a Michael Jackson move and dangling my child over a steep edge!!! At the same moment I put Lindy down, I heard something hit the ground, noticed my child had only a sock on her right foot, and heard Lindy say, "uh-oh." Sure enough, I looked over the pit and there was Lindy's shoe in the rhino pit. GREAT!!! Now what???

Mrs. Rhino suddenly aware of something in her pit shuffles toward the shoe and picks up the shoe with her mouth. I am frozen with fear and contend I am not the best in "crisis" situations. I am envisioning the 6:00 news..."A black rhino at the zoo passed away this afternoon after eating a two year old's shoe." I am begging the rhino not to swallow the shoe. I really think she picked it up in an effort to give it back. It didn't work, so she put it back down. Meanwhile, Lindy is hysterically screaming, "Hippo is eating my shoe. Hippo is eating my shoe." Not sure why but all I could think to tell her is that it was a rhino not a hippo. Way to pull out the maternal instincts, Lisa!!! All of a sudden, I am aware of a small crowd gathering around the rhino pit and my screaming child. "NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS!!!"

After a few moments, someone tracked down the rhino's caretaker and she retrieved the shoe. The shoe was fine, the rhino was fine, and Lindy calmed down and learned the difference between the hippo and rhino...

Of course, in my paralysis to act, I didn't take any pictures of the event but I did capture a couple of the day.

And people wonder why I don't fill my days with excursions and activities...

Lindy loved the fish exhibit...

Thinking maybe we should stick to safer things like feeding the ducks and birds!