Monday, April 03, 2006

Here she is

Well we finally had some success with a computer. Thanks to everyone who is checking this blog daily and patiently waiting. The Great Firewall is alive and well!!

On Monday morning we went to the provincial adoption center with the others in our group. We were supposed to get them at 9:30, but they were a little late. The waiting seemed endless. Finally, at around 10:00, they brought the girls in and the waiting was finally over. We received Lindy in an event that lasted less than five minutes, and a process that took almost two years. The crying started soon after as this was a very traumatizing event for them. Lindy looked as sweet as her pictures but cried for the next several hours. She was really tired, and finally went down for a nap. She seems to be a good sleeper and a good eater. It seems like she is recognizing us. We think she is teething, and believe she is constipated, but other than that she seems fine. We are a little overwhelmed as most first-time parents are. You know they really don't come with instructions, and the ones we got were in Chinese. :o)

Here are some pictures of our long-awaited arrival...

Sending our love,
Don, Lisa & Lindy


Anonymous said...

GOD IS GOOD! ALL THE TIME! Wow I can't believe you finally have her in your arms! May the Lord give you great patience and an extra measure of mommy and daddy intuition to know how to best meet her needs when she is crying! We love you guys!
Jeff, Kayren and the boys

Bob & Jane Brumley said...

You made me cry (AGAIN!) with the pictures! Congratulations mommy and daddy!
The Brumleys

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!!! See Lisa, you can do this!!! You're a natural. It is official . . . we can call you mommy and daddy. Aren't those just about the best words ever?? Best wishes!

Love, Kel & Carson