Thursday, April 06, 2006

Visit to the orphanage

Today our morning tour was to the Changsha #1 Social Welfare Institute. This is the orphanage where Lindy first lived. She was there for about 2 months before she went into foster care. It was surprising to us that it was about an hour out of town. The orphanage was responsible for her while in foster care so the foster family had to periodically drive all that distance. We saw two ox plaowing along the way and some interesting form of plaowing the rice fields.

We didn't get to see much of the orphanage but it was nice to be able to look around. Many of the doors had Disney characters on them which helps to explain Lindy's fascination with Mickey Mouse. Looks like we know where we will be headed on vacations. They wouldn't let us take pictures of the babies so we were unable to get early pictures of some future family's children. The nannys recognized one of the 3 year olds in our group but not the babies. Overall, it was a nice place and is considered a model SWI in China.

Lindy loves to ride around in the bus and usually falls asleep after taking everything in. Following an afternoon nap, we headed to Walmart. It was interesting to see the similarities and the differences. The greeters are about 50 years younger here than in the States. It was a 2 story store in the middle of a mall. We get quite a few stares walking around in the crowded places but Lindy usually just waves to everyone.

Today, Lindy started to be a little more pleasant to Mom. She has been warm to Dad since he carries her around quite a bit in the Baby Bjorn. She started giving kisses and we found her tickle spots.

The computer is not allowing us to upload pictures so we'll insert them as soon as we are able.

Don, Lisa, and Lindy


Smith Family said...

Thank you so much for filling us in on all of Lindy's fascinations. We are enjoying sharing these memories with you. Makes me appreciate my little ones all the more. We're so happy Lindy is finally in your loving arms. Enjoy your little angel,

Karen, JaNae, Denver and Conner

Pam & Mani said...

Don and Lisa!! The three of you make the SWEETEST FAMILY EVER!! Lisa, seeing you with Lindy just makes me squeal with delight and Don, you know that REAL MEN wear their babies in Bjorns FOR SURE!! Now that's a GOOD DADDY! :-) Honestly, our hearts are so full of joy for the three of you, we can hardly contain ourselves! Thank you so much for the fabulous photos...cannot wait to hear the details of your beautiful story! Much love in Christ, Pam, Mani & girls