Friday, April 07, 2006

Last day in Changsha

This is our last day in Changsha. Today it was amazing to see the changes in Lindy. She wakes up each morning, looks at us, and seems to say, "You're still here??" She still eats a ton of table food. She doesn't care for a bottle much and we heard that a lot of the babies in foster care are fed everything with a spoon so that seems to make sense. She won't drink water from a bottle or sippy cup but she will from a spoon or a glass. Maybe we'll try a straw soon. The Chinese give the babies here egg at every meal so we hope her cholesterol isn't through the roof by the time we get home. Today, we went to the Hunan Embroidery Institute. The Hunan people are famous for their embroidery and it was really amazing.

Our adoptions documents were ready this afternoon so now the adoption is official in China. We received her Chinese passport which will allow us to go to Guangzhou to process through US Immigration at the US Consulate. Our Consulate appointment is on Tuesday at 10:30. We leave for Guangzhou tomorrow afternoon. We finally were able to access email today but it isn't allowing replies. We're also still not able to upload pictures to the blog. Hopefully, Guangzhou will have much better connectivity. We'll post more pictures when we are able. I am posting really low res images so if you try to print them, they may not look too good. We'll make them all available when we get home. Lindy sleeping

Spurs fan with his mom trying to remove his cigarette for the photo

Don, Lisa, and Lindy


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog updates and emails! I am enjoying this journey and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it. Your pictures are great and it sounds like everything is going well. Give hugs and kisses to Lindy from all of us her in the USA. We can't wait until she is home.

Love, Kel

Pam & Mani said...

Lisa!! You are HYSTERICAL!! Mani and I were doubled over laughing at you with this Chinese "Spurs Fan"...the lady in the background is even funnier...she looks like she is about to assault you...just hysterical!! We are LOVING this blog...keep those GREAT photos coming!! Much love in Christ, Pam, Mani & girls

Anonymous said...

Lisa, the picture of Lindy sleeping with you on the bed is truly priceless. It is a picture made in heaven. Thanks for sharing it with us.
The Covington family