Monday, April 10, 2006

A day in Lindy's life

Hello everyone,

I didn't resize any pictures today for posting so I'll try to upload a couple of days worth tomorrow.

Some of you have asked what our typical day is like so here is a summary. Our days here in Guangzhou are a lot more relaxed than they were in Beijing or Changsha. Breakfast is included in each place and it's western style so we don't dare miss it. It's usually our biggest meal of the day. Lindy loves everything but we usually only give her eggs, white bread, bananas, watermelon, ham, and cheerios. I think the rule of thumb is to wait until after 1 year old to feed them eggs but she has been eating them for a while so we aren't sweating it. She doesn't care much for a bottle but we're making her drink Chinese formula mixed with Rice cereal. That's what she was on so we decided not to rock the boat. She has been drinking more of a bottle each day with meals. She loves watermelon but, like I mentioned earlier, I limit it so she doesn't pee all day. We've been adding in some prunes occasionally since she gets a little backed up every couple of days. It's probably all the rice she eats. In Beijing, all meals were included and planned out. In Changsha, there was one additional meal included with the group and a tour scheduled each day. Here in Guangzhou were doing a tour about every other day with most trips out for shopping. The tours kind of upset Lindy's schedule a little with naps but it is good to get out of the hotel room and do something each day. Lindy is extremely social so she loves going out in the Baby Bjorn - facing out of course so she can look at everyone and wave to them. She is such a hit with both the Chinese and the Americans. Here in Guangzhou things are very relaxed. In fact, we don't have to do anything on Tuesday other than shop and eat dinner on a river cruise on the Pearl River. It's the last night our group will be together so we're going to celebrate one last time. Most of the shopping here is about 50 feet from the hotel so it is very convenient.

Lindy was awesome today. She only cried a few times during the day and usually because she was getting bored or we weren't feeding her fast enough. She wakes up at about 7:30 or 8 and plays in her crib for 30 minutes. Then we get her out, eat a bottle of formula and rice cereal, and then get dressed. We head to breakfast at about 8:30. She seems to want a map by 10:30 but only sleeps for 30-45 minutes. She's eating table food for all meals. She seems to want another nap at about 2-3 but tours have been interrupting that one. If she weren't so nosy she would fall asleep in the Baby Bjorn but she usually stays awake to watch everything all afternoon. If we ride around in the bus she will fall asleep for 15-20 minutes. We've been eating dinner at about 6pm and it usually lasts until 7:30. We take baths from 7:30 to 8 and then drink a bottle before bed. She usually goes to sleep by 8:30-8:45. The only hard part of the day is between bath and sleep. Today she finally went to sleep with no fuss. We then repeat each day.

She's really funny to watch and her personality is really coming out. Today, while Lisa was in the store, Lindy was in the Bjorn yelling at everyone. (She's going to interrupt church with that voice.) She loves birds, lights, elevator buttons, mirrors, and babies. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and waves to me when she sees me in the mirror. When I pull out my wallet to purchase things she want to look at my drivers license. I show it to her, she points to my picture, looks up at me, and then kisses my pictures. She's definitely a daddy's girl and I'm not doing anything to stop that!! Mommy will get her turn when I go back to work.

Well that's about all for now. We'll try to post 1 or 2 more times before we head home. Thanks again for all your prayers, emails, and comments (which I still can't read.) We'll enjoy them when we get home.

Don, Lisa, and Lindy


Anonymous said...


Dear the Osborn family

I hope you are having fun . We all are ready for you to come home . We all miss you and put you in our prayers.

Love Megan Rhoads and all my family
San Antonio Tx.
8 yrs. old

Anonymous said...

What kind of bottle do you drink before bedtime?


PS Can't wait to see that baby!

Anonymous said...

Still watching every day and love to read the updates. Lindy is gorgeous and you both sound like you are loving every minute and have adjusted well to parenting! We will be happy to know when you all are home safe and sound this week. We'll be in touch then. Our continued love and prayers, Donna, Todd, Kayla, Tyler and Kaci

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed watching your family as it has come together in China. How wonderful our God is. I know that there are two grandparents that just can't wait to see and hold Lindy.
In Christian Love
Jeri Fisher

myra said...

What a cutie she is! Lindy looks so happy to be with her mom and dad! We're so excited for you guys.

myra and Patrick

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you! We can't wait to meet Lindy at church! May God continue to bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Don and Lisa,

We are so happy for you two. Parenthood is such a wonderful experience. It is so fun to not only watch your child grow and learn but feel yourself growing and learning at the same time. God has blessed you and Lindy. You all will stay in our thoughts and prayers. Congratulations.

Andrew, Jamie, London, Landon, Luke and Jaclyn