Monday, September 29, 2008

Beauty is DEFINITELY in the eye of the beholder...

These pictures have nothing to do with the story. They are just quick ones I snapped yesterday afternoon while messing around...

This morning, as we were getting ready to tackle several errands in a very short window of time, Lindy and I had the following conversation:

Lindy: What's this, Mommy???
Mommy: Eye liner. Please don't touch.

Lindy: Oh. It looks like a pencil.
Mommy: Yes, it does.

Lindy: What's it for?

Mommy: To help me make me pretty.

Lindy: But why? You're already beautiful.

On a day where I look very plain and frumpy, this was music to my ears and made me smile. Yes, I know she's three. Yes, I know she could've told me I'm not pretty in her next breath (she didn't); however, for a moment it made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

I have selfishly feared that Lindy and my next daughter won't see me as beautiful because I'm an older mom and they'll never have seen me young. I know it is silly but it is the truth and that's what you get here...So, for today, I am on cloud nine knowing that for at least one moment in time my daughter thought her mommy is beautiful.

Oh, and yes, I KNOW that outward beauty is not really what it is all about and there will be MANY of those conversations through the years!

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment..Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight. 1 Peter 3:3-4

Friday, September 19, 2008

But I'm big, Mommy

Lately, Lindy has been very caught up in being a big girl. Many times during the day she'll proclaim she's big enough to do something. I'll admit there are things I say no to her about because in my mind she's still too little and she's out to prove that's not the case. Instead of fighting, she'll often say in a reassuring voice, "It's okay, Mommy. I'm big for that." Lately I've been struck by the fact that she is getting bigger and boy is it ever bittersweet. I just want to keep her little and freeze her right where she is...

As someone who would love to turn the clock back some (or quite a bit), it is hard to remember the days when you wanted to move it forward. The other day I pulled something out of her closet and was surprised she was too big for it. I jokingly said in a stern but playful voice, "When did you get so big? I don't like it one bit. Stop growing. You must stop growing." Next thing I knew, she had the biggest tears spilling from her eyes. Of course I felt terrible, so I started crying, too. When I asked her what was wrong and reassured her I was teasing, she told me, "But I want to be big, Mommy. I want to be big..." I think she was crushed that I wasn't excited she was getting big.

My dear Lindy, I want you to know I enjoy every day with you--even the hard days. As much as I would like to keep you from getting bigger, I know that's not the way things work. Today you promised you would always be my little girl no matter what. I can't wait to see what our life together unfolds...

I Can't Wait

by Sara Groves & Don Chaffer

When you reach the proper age
I will teach you to read and you can turn the pages
How to dress and tie your shoes
Your one plus ones, and your two times two's
And you'll teach me
Of hearts and dreams
And all the most important things
And all that I have lost along the way
And I can't wait

As you grow, I'll show you things
How to ride your bike and kick your legs out on the swings
To fold your hands and bow your head
How to say your prayers before you go to bed
And you'll teach me
Of hearts and dreams
And all the most important things
And all that I have lost along the way
And I can't wait

How do you sleep so peacefully?
How do you trust unflinchingly?
How do you love so faithfully?
How do you dance so joyfully?
Oh you'll teach me
Of hearts and dreams
And all the most important (essential) things
And all that I have lost along the way
And I can't
No I can't
Come teach me
Of love and dreams
And all the most essential thing
And all that I have lost along the way
Cause I can't wait

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pennies from Heaven

One of Lindy's favorite things to do when we are out and about is look for pennies (or any other denomination) on the ground. Hardly a time goes by that she doesn't find something to put in her piggy bank. Just a couple weeks ago she found two $1.00 coins that we almost dismissed as play money. Today she found a quarter. She is definitely capitalizing on all the people who literally throw pennies away or think it isn't worth their effort to bend over and pick them up when they fall to the ground.

Elephant memory Lindy always remembers that she needs to put her money in her bank and it is usually one of the first things we do when we get back home. As you can see, she has a bank divided into four slots:
  • Save
  • Spend
  • Donate
  • Invest
She methodically chooses which slot to place her coin in and proudly announces her decision. I have to say that I'm so proud that she often says, "Donate. This is for God." I am sure she doesn't understand the distinctions between each slot but eventually she will.

Knowing money matters can be such a problem for so many people, I am convinced it is NEVER too early to teach the value of saving money and handling it wisely. I am by no means a guru, perfect with money, nor do I have all the answers. I am, however, a bit passionate about this subject because I have watched the ill effects of over-indulged children who never work for a thing, are never taught to think beyond self, aren't taught to respect money or the things it buys, and don't know how to wait to purchase something special; it isn't a pretty sight and it often spills over to adulthood.

I doubt Lindy's current money-making venture will make a dent in her college tuition but every penny counts, right?

Many of you asked where we got Lindy's bank. We got it when we opened up her savings account at USAA. It is called the Money Savvy Pig and you can order it here. It isn't the prettiest bank but it is practical.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Conversations with Lindy

I don't scrapbook. I didn't do a good job writing in Lindy's baby book. (BAD MOMMY!) I rely on memory and find that memories fade. I have found this blog is a great way to capture some of the funny moments that keep me laughing...This is real life, completely unscripted...

Here are some of our recent conversations.

Mommy & Lindy singing: "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine."
Lindy: It is silly to hide a light in a bush, Mommy.
Mommy: Well, actually, the word is bushel.
Lindy: Oh.
Mommy: When are you supposed to let your light shine?
Lindy: 5:00.

Recently I treated Lindy to a glass of chocolate milk. After she drank it at mach speed, here is what ensued...

Mommy: You look funny. You have a HUGE mustache.
Lindy: Hee hee...let me see, let me see...
Mommy: Who else do you know who has a mustache? (Expecting her to say Phil or Kevin)
Lindy: You.

Guess I'm overdue for a waxing...

With my ongoing love affair with the library, we've been bringing home a lot of Amelia Bedelia. They are as great as they were SEVERAL years ago.

Mommy to Don & Lindy: Okay, I'm going to go jump in the shower.
Daddy just shook his head because he knew EXACTLY what was about to happen...
Lindy (with hands on hips): Mommy...WE DON'T JUMP IN THE SHOWER!
Daddy: We've been through this. I got in trouble for hopping in the shower a couple days ago.

What do you think, perhaps we better ease up on the Amelia Bedelia?!

In church the other day the father of one of our friends walked in with the TALLEST cane/walking stick I've ever seen. He is probably over six feet tall and his cane was probably taller than me (5'3"). Lindy noticed him right away and asked, "Is he a shepherd?" Thankfully, she was "whispering."

As much as she can exasperate me and send me to tears, I adore this child's ability to make me laugh.