Friday, July 30, 2010

A pretty pinktastic day...

On May 8th, our girl turned five. Can you believe it? I can't! Five seems like a milestone birthday to me. In honor of her big 5th birthday, we decided to take the plunge and have a birthday party with friends.

The birthday girl!

A great shot with Grandma & Grandpa.

I had known for about three years that whenever I did brave a birthday party, I was going to have a pink party--her favorite color--and base it off the book Pinkalicious--one of her favorites. I tried to keep it simple but found out that even carrying off simple is a lot of work!

Grandma fluffing and putting together the pink party poms

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take the pictures I wanted to take because I was being the hostess and I couldn't set all the stuff out too early because it was windy and looked like it was about to pour.
Moments before the party, the sky grew dark and I felt a raindrop or two. I nearly lost it. However, God smiled on us and gave us a beautiful morning to celebrate our girl's special day. So, although the morning didn't get documented exactly like I would have wanted, I know Lindy had a great celebration. I am thankful that one of my friends braved my camera and started shooting away and did capture a lot of the candid shots, as well as my dear dad who snapped away on his.

If you've read Pinkalicious, you know that she ate one too many pink cupcakes and turned pink. In order to cure her case of pinkititis, Dr. Wink told her she had to eat green, healthy foods. We had a variety of pink and green foods. I still think we have some of the pink foods lurking around the house but the pink pretzels and Whoppers did not last long. YUM!

A shot of the food. Pink pretzels, pink jelly beans, pink Whoppers, pink cupcakes, pink lemonade, green apples, green chips, broccoli, and more...

Upon arrival, the mostly pink clan decorated glittery wands and
the boys decorated wooden guitars and tanks.

Beck working on his guitar and making his guitar-playing daddy proud!

Miss Ashleigh resurrected her best teacher reading voice to read Pinkalicious to the guests.

After that, the kids decorated cupcakes, sang to the guest of honor, ate cupcakes, and pulled a cupcake pinata off of the tree (whoops), and watched Lindy open her wonderful gifts--many pink, sparkly, princessy, and incredibly girly--like her new pink and purple fishing pole. She even got a hot pink and bright periwinkle bicycle from Grandma and Grandpa. She got her first charm bracelet from us with a birthday cake charm to go on it.

Some of the girls showing off their cupcake creations. YUM!

The guest of honor hard at work.

Make a wish!

1-2-3-PULL! Our non-violent pinata didn't quite work as we had planned...

Yea for Mr. Don to hold it up and let the candy flow!

We LOVE our birthday girl!

Her first bike!

It was a great birthday morning! Lindy had a complete blast with so many of her sweet friends and we were honored and thankful so many people came to celebrate her special day. She is a blessed little girl!

After the guests left, the clean up crew quickly kicked into action. It was kind of sad to see all the pink disappear but all good things must come to an end. Later that afternoon, we drove to the little hill country town of Fredericksburg and went to the Rockbox Theatre. We had a super time rockin' and rollin' at this fun family show. We followed it up with some good German food at a local restaurant and made our way home.

It was definitely a very fun and full day! I'm thinking pizza and cake for next year, though...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Breakfast of champions

I'm interrupting the previously scheduled spring 2010 updates to write about our mommy/daughter date this morning.

I surprised Lindy with a breakfast of champions at one of her favorite places in the world. I can't imagine why she didn't want to wear the complimentary hats they give to customers...

See, I did TRY to add a little nutrition with some milk that wasn't the strawberry or chocolate variety.
Oh, by the way, the box is NOT filled with tasty treats for the rest of the weekend. It was just to help me get to the table since I had my hands full.

She really does have the sweetest little lips!

After our little treat, we went to a local store to do some--gulp, choke, sob--shopping for school supplies. Normally, I LOVE school and office supplies but knowing a month from today our little sweetie starts Kindergarten, they just didn't seem as beautiful to me.

The Kindergarten supply list was pretty short and sweet and we successfully got all our supplies in one stop. No need to wait for the madness of the tax free holiday in August or drive around town to place after place. We conquered it in one fell swoop! I will admit I did consult a couple more seasoned moms to make sure I didn't have to get EXACTLY what was listed. For example, I didn't get her a 9"x6"x 3" plastic box. Instead, I threw all caution to the wind and got her a 8 5/8" x 5 5/8" x 2 5/8" plastic box. Hope they'll let her in and we won't be blacklisted. I am sure they won't mind that I got the three pack of 200 count tissues, instead of two boxes of the 130 count. The only thing we didn't buy were #2 pencils. I am ASSUMING the hundreds of unsharpened pencils we already have with fairies, princesses, pumpkins, and other novelty characters will suffice. If you are a teacher in the local area, let me know if that is a false assumption.

It is so hard for me to believe this is about to happen.
Surreal. Bittersweet. Wonderful. Awful.

Daily I find myself asking whether I've done enough. I know I haven't done everything I've wanted. I know, I know she is not leaving home for good BUT she will be leaving for eight hours a day. My heart already feels so empty knowing she'll be gone.

I look forward to the next month we have together before we start the craziness of a new routine. Come August, there won't be surprise sugar-laden breakfasts and impromptu pajama days but I know there will be so many wonderful opportunities for Lindy and I'm truly excited for her!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

April 2010

April is always a special month for us as we lovingly remember meeting Lindy and bringing her home in 2006. This year we went for Chinese at a favorite restaurant followed by ice cream to celebrate our 4th Forever Family Day.

Holding the outfit she was wearing when we met her.
Historically, yellow is usually my "bad luck" color but on April 3, 2006 when my sweet Lindy was placed in my arms, it was not.

Lindy loves to use chopsticks when we go out for Chinese or sushi.
I had just received my new lens but hadn't learned about depth of field or focal points yet in my photography class. Oops...

For Lindy it was an extra sweet month. Between an Easter party at school, a visit from the Easter Bunny, and our annual Easter dinner with our friends she tends to rake in LOTS of candy.

She made her craft. Now she's ready to get to the really EGGciting part of the party...

Wow! She never runs like that when I tell her to clean up her room...Hmmm...

Nor does she hunt for lost things as diligently at home...

Just one egg, Mom, pleeeeaaaassseee????

Modeling the dress Grandma & Grandpa sent her and showing off the loot from the Easter Bunny.

Hunting the eggs Emily and Kim hid

Her basket runneth over...

I know all these Easter pictures seem centered on the secular side of the holiday; however, I loved hearing Lindy tell the story of how Christ arose and the true meaning of Easter.

Lindy loved spending time doing some gardening this spring, as well as hunting for rolly pollies, snails, slugs, and other "acceptable" creatures. One of little Miss Priss' responsibilities is to water the herbs and flowers. Here she is tending to the mint.

Gardening is VERY serious business.

I kind of think the necklace, beaded bracelet, and bow in her hair negates the dirt that is spattered on her nose.

April is Fiesta time in San Antonio. We didn't do any Fiesta events this year but Lindy did score some cascarones. Apparently, after she took care of the mint she decided to take matters into her own hands and have her own little party...

In preschool this year, Lindy's class celebrated every letter of the alphabet. For "z" day they got to take a field trip to the zoo.

My little butterfly. Oh, by the way, I detest the word, "PUPA!" Perhaps I should crop that out of the picture. It creeps me out almost as much as the word, "larvae."

Kind of ironic, I know...Totally NOT posed or planned.

My chick checking out the funky polka-dotted chickens

April was a very happening month for Lindy and our family. Next on deck is May which is probably even more full than March and April combined. Thanks for coming around to catch up!