Thursday, July 22, 2010

April 2010

April is always a special month for us as we lovingly remember meeting Lindy and bringing her home in 2006. This year we went for Chinese at a favorite restaurant followed by ice cream to celebrate our 4th Forever Family Day.

Holding the outfit she was wearing when we met her.
Historically, yellow is usually my "bad luck" color but on April 3, 2006 when my sweet Lindy was placed in my arms, it was not.

Lindy loves to use chopsticks when we go out for Chinese or sushi.
I had just received my new lens but hadn't learned about depth of field or focal points yet in my photography class. Oops...

For Lindy it was an extra sweet month. Between an Easter party at school, a visit from the Easter Bunny, and our annual Easter dinner with our friends she tends to rake in LOTS of candy.

She made her craft. Now she's ready to get to the really EGGciting part of the party...

Wow! She never runs like that when I tell her to clean up her room...Hmmm...

Nor does she hunt for lost things as diligently at home...

Just one egg, Mom, pleeeeaaaassseee????

Modeling the dress Grandma & Grandpa sent her and showing off the loot from the Easter Bunny.

Hunting the eggs Emily and Kim hid

Her basket runneth over...

I know all these Easter pictures seem centered on the secular side of the holiday; however, I loved hearing Lindy tell the story of how Christ arose and the true meaning of Easter.

Lindy loved spending time doing some gardening this spring, as well as hunting for rolly pollies, snails, slugs, and other "acceptable" creatures. One of little Miss Priss' responsibilities is to water the herbs and flowers. Here she is tending to the mint.

Gardening is VERY serious business.

I kind of think the necklace, beaded bracelet, and bow in her hair negates the dirt that is spattered on her nose.

April is Fiesta time in San Antonio. We didn't do any Fiesta events this year but Lindy did score some cascarones. Apparently, after she took care of the mint she decided to take matters into her own hands and have her own little party...

In preschool this year, Lindy's class celebrated every letter of the alphabet. For "z" day they got to take a field trip to the zoo.

My little butterfly. Oh, by the way, I detest the word, "PUPA!" Perhaps I should crop that out of the picture. It creeps me out almost as much as the word, "larvae."

Kind of ironic, I know...Totally NOT posed or planned.

My chick checking out the funky polka-dotted chickens

April was a very happening month for Lindy and our family. Next on deck is May which is probably even more full than March and April combined. Thanks for coming around to catch up!


Ellie said...

Happy Forever Family Day (I know it is a bit late!) That word pupa - well it yucks me out too!!

Lindy is so stinkin' adorable!!!

Doug and Terrye said...

Where in the world did the 4 years go?!? I still look into Grace's eyes and am amazed that she is here...and that she is my daughter forever! I know you feel the same wonderment :)

Terrye in FL