Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Every year we have so much to be thankful for and celebrate, but this year we're extra thankful. We think the pictures of our little turkey say it all...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Extra bonus of CA trip

An extra bonus during our trip to CA was getting to meet my friend, Jill, face-to-face.

Jill is part of a wonderful group of women with whom I pray via conference call on a weekly basis. We're all scattered throughout the U.S. and most of us have never met. Many of us have adopted from China or are waiting to adopt. We have developed some really amazing friendships and are such a unique support system.

Jill graciously opened up her home to us and we had a great lunch and lovely visit. One would never have suspected we had never previously met.

Jill and her husband are waiting to bring home their son, Sammy. Just as she has been a cheerleader for us about Lindy, we can't wait to celebrate when it is time for their sweet boy to come home!!!

Special times in California

This past week the three of us traveled to California. The last time we were in California, (April 13, 2006) Lindy became a U.S. citizen as her tiny feet touched down on U.S. soil for the first time. This time we were there to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Lindy's great great aunt Nadine and great great uncle Al, as well as have a pre-Thanksgiving gathering with family.

Lindy did fairly well on both flights and and a real trooper as we logged over 600 driving miles in southern California to our many destinations. We're blessed that she is pretty flexible and adaptable to new situations!

Not only was Lindy reunited with Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Dani, and her cousins Bryce & Brendan, she met her great grandparents, two great great uncles and great great aunts, two great uncles and one great aunt, a slew of cousins, and all the family dogs...

It was very special for me to see her meet so many of my loved ones on my tiny little family tree--a real Thanksgiving blessing. I think it is safe to say she warmed the hearts of many.

While we were at the 50th wedding anniversary celebration our dancing queen really came out in rare form. The minute the dj put on the music, the lights were dimmed, and the disco ball came out, Lindy was in the middle of the dance floor. She couldn't stop. Pictures don't do it justice because she was moving around so much.

Here are some pictures of the trip...