Friday, February 24, 2006

A lovely surprise--updated photos of Lindy

Today we got a wonderful treat--updated photos of Lindy. The week before we had been told as of February 7th (9 months old) she was 18.3 pounds and about 27 inches tall. Then to see these pictures taken last week was even more special.

We were surprised to see how our little ladybug had grown so much from her referral pictures (which we think are when she is almost 3 months old). It was kind of bittersweet. It was a little sad to see that she didn't look like a little baby. However, it was such a blessing and relief to see her look so healthy and to see her smiling. We were shocked to see her standing at 9 months, and that made us wonder if she is close to walking. Time will tell...

For now, we are thrilled to be able to see her sweet face and have a better picture of what she'll look like when she is placed in our arms.

We are completely in love!

Don & Lisa