Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lindy's first Easter

To many, Easter signifies new beginnings and new life. This year, it was impossible not to think about new life as we held our precious daughter in our arms. Although we did not give her physical life, we pray because we have brought her into our family that she will know Christ and have the gift of eternal life.

Lindy went to church for the very first time and was a good girl. She did get a little bit chatty, so Daddy took her out so she would not disturb everyone. For years I have reassured friends that people are forgiving when they hear babies make noise and not to feel too self-conscious about it...Well, as soon as Lindy started making noise, I felt like she was probably the noisiest kid ever. Now I know why my friends have looked at me like I'm crazy when I say, "Don't worry about it."

She met many new friends and looks forward to getting to know them better in the future.

Lindy took a few moments out of her busy schedule on Easter to have some photos taken. The chair is a gift from Aunt Michelle & Uncle Pat and her cousins in Arizona. I think cousin Brooke helped pick it out, because it is pink and purple!



Don, Lisa, & Lindy


Anonymous said...

Don and Lisa,
I have checked your site daily for an update. What a beautiful daughter you have!!! I enjoyed seeing her with grandpa and grandma and can't wait to see them at church to hear all the details. We are so happy for you all!

Pam & Mani said...

Don and Lisa,
We are so glad that you are continuing to post now that you are home! The pictures are so sweet and Lindy is DARLING!! Please continue to post for all of us who are not in San Antonio. The girls and Mani and I love seeing the pictures and reading all your news. Much love in Christ, Pam , Mani & girls

Kimber said... is my exciting night...I am sitting here crying through your referral, China trip and homecoming with Lindy!

Kate came home a few days before Easter too. So special. I feel like I am getting to know Lindy better by reading all of this.