Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Getting the hang of it

We're starting to get the hang of this parent thing. Lindy is fun but also a lot of work. She sleeps well, eats like her father (very well), and loves to walk around in the Baby Bjorn. She loves to look around at people on the street. She also loves to look at babies - whether they are the other babies here or pictures of babies on her cereal box or clothing tags. She likes books and kisses the girl in the picture every time. In between the fun events, it's a little bit of a battle. She hates getting dressed or undressed, diaper changes, pre-bath, post-bath, etc... She definitely has the "Spicy" personality of a Hunan girl.

Today, we visited the Hunan Provincial Museum. They have the body of the minister's wife from 2100 years ago on display. They found her in the 1970s while excavating for new construction. There were a lot of well preserved items in her coffin along with her body. Some in our group called her the "2100 year old dead lady." Ahhh, what fun.


Don, Lisa, and Lindy

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