Thursday, April 13, 2006

On our way home

We've made it to Hong Kong and we're on our way home. Wish us luck on the long flight.


The Browns said...

We're praying for a non-eventful flight. See you soon.

Phil, Kim, Erin & Emily

Anonymous said...

The Rhoads family is praying for your safe return and Megan can't wait to meet and play with Lindy. Have a wonderful visit with grandma and grandpa. Happy Easter.


Mom said...

Dear Family,
This, indeed, has been a VERY long last day of your "Journey..." saga, but I have a few final thoughts since this may well be my last entry into your "Journey to Lindy" blogsite. You have now completed that Journey TO Lindy. What lies ahead in the days, weeks, months, and years to follow is your "Journey WITH Lindy". I hope and pray that journey WITH her will be a wonderful one. I hope your journey will not have TOO many bumps, curves, and hazards---but there will be some, for all of life's journeys contain them. I hope the journey will not be flat and uneventful...but will contain enough diversions to be interesting and pleasant and will bring you joy along the way. You have taken that all important first step; you have started the engine and begun the journey. I know it is your intention to keep headed in the right direction and stay the course...whatever you meet along the way. And last, I pray that at the end of your journey WITH Lindy you all will end up exactly where you want to be and will have found peace and comfort in knowing that the journey which BEGAN in such a special way will have continued that way until the END.
I love you all!
Mom said...

Don & Lisa,
I agree with "mom"! Not sure who's mom it is...but you must change the blog to "Our Journey with Lindy"
You are one of my frequent visits on the web and I would LOVE to hear how things are going and see pictures.
God bless you three!!
Jane & Bob