Saturday, April 15, 2006

We're home!

After more hours of travel time than I can calculate, we landed safely in San Antonio on Thursday, April 13th before 11:00 pm--7.5 hours later than anticipated. Due to mechanical problems in Hong Kong, we were delayed by 2 hours and subsequently missed our connecting flight in San Francisco. The best they could do for us was get us home late in the evening. This was very disappointing news for all of us, because we were so ready to be home.

Despite our very late arrival, several special friends and Grandma & Grandpa Caples were at the airport to greet Lindy with a warm reception and lots of red, white, and blue for one of America's newest citizens. (She officially became a U.S. citizen when we landed in San Francisco.) She was a little apprehensive about all the attention at first, but did warm up some despite being so weary and sleep-deprived. She certainly was a trooper, considering April 13th was the longest day in history for her, as her day had begun at 5:00 am (China time).

When we got home, the patriotic fairies (G & G Caples) had decorated lots of balloons and welcome home banners throughout the house. What a special homecoming for all of us. Thank you so much for all of you who were at the airport to welcome us home. I know several people had wanted to be there but weren't able to because of the delays, but believe me--we felt your love and support, nontheless!

Although we had a wonderful trip to China and an experience of a lifetime, we are thrilled to be back home. Now our goal is to try to get Lindy into a normal routine and to catch up with family and friends. Oh, and maybe try to catch up on a little sleep, too...

Thank you for every prayer, encouraging word, and kind deed! We are truly blessed by all of you.

Don, Lisa, and Lindy


The Schotters said...

So glad you are home safe and getting settled in! How fun to have Lindy home and in her own crib! Jake thinks it's pretty special to have a cousin from China!! Brooke and Ryan are also looking forward to hugging and kissing her! We hope you'll keep blogging - we've enjoyed the journey with you! Happy first Easter in America Lindy! Love, Pat, Michelle, Jake, Ryan and Brooke

Anonymous said...

Don and Lisa,
Welcome back & welcome home, Lindy!!! So glad to see you're all home safely. Can't wait to meet your beautiful baby when you get settled. Thanks for sharing your blessing through this website. See ya soon.
Lisa P. (from work, but don't think only of me as such)

Anonymous said...

Don, Lisa and Lindy,

Welcome home. It has been great to follow your journey. Brent and I prayed for you many times after Lesa Starkins shared your website. It was so very real for us having stayed at the White Swan while in China several years back.

Lindy is adorable and has such a sweet smile. We pray many days of blessing and rest fall upon you now that you are home.

Perhaps Lindy and our son, Luke (7 months) will get to play in the future.

Congratulations on your new daughter.

Prayers and blessings,
Brent & Stacey (Hillis) Hardegree

Anonymous said...

Don, Lisa, Lindy,

What a great blog! Welcome back and welcome, Lindy, to your new home (your Mom & Dad are two terrific people...just go easy on them between ages 2-4 and things will be jake!).

Its been a while since we've talked, but I've kept track of your journey through Paula and, now, the blog. You both deserve nothing but the best and it appears that you've surpassed even that.

There'll be many first for Lindy, but may I suggest her first Kentucky Derby next year? We'd love to see you and to offer our congratulations in person. Till then, God bless and cherish each step on this, the best jouney in life.

All our love,

Johnny Mac, Paula, Emily and Tommy