Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A day we will never forget

It is so hard to believe that one year ago today in a far away land our lives were forever changed when a beautiful Chinese baby named Fan Xiao Jia (translation "Joyful Dawn") was placed in our arms for the first time. Suddenly, after eight years of wanting a child and a long adoption journey, we were parents. We FINALLY had our sweet baby girl for whom we had prayed and cried many tears. It is fitting that in Psalm 30:5 it says, "...weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." We received Lindy at about 10:00 in the morning and oh the joy she has brought to us and those her know her.

God is such a faithful and loving God! He heard our desperate cries to become parents, he heard our pleas for a happy and healthy baby (okay, and cute one, too), and he answered them so perfectly when he CHOSE Fan Xiao Jia for us. He knows what we don't--the circumstances of her birth, her birth parents, her foster parents, and so many other things. We know that just about the time she was conceived, we decided to take the plunge and begin our adoption journey.

In many ways, it seems like this special "Gotcha Day" moment was yesterday. We can't believe it has been a year. In other ways, it seems like it was a lifetime ago because it feels like Lindy has always been a part of us. With each passing day, she has spent more of her life with us than in China. Even though we may have missed some of Lindy's firsts, we have had the joy of experiencing all of her firsts with us and so many of her special baby milestones. We saw her crawl and walk for the first time and now we watch her run. We have heard her as her baby babble (which to some sounded like Chinese) has turned to distinguishable English words and an ever-growing vocabulary. Best of all, we have the special privilege of being called, "Mommy & Daddy."

When we met Lindy there were tears--hers and ours. As can only be expected, from time to time there are STILL tears--hers and ours. When we first met Lindy there were smiles and laughter--only ours. Now, everyday there are smiles and laughter--hers and ours.

We love our darling daughter so very much and happily celebrate this first anniversary of when we met Lindy and finally became a family. Although April 4, 2006 is the day it all became OFFICIAL and LEGAL, April 3rd will ALWAYS be "Gotcha Day" and an extra special day to us.

Below is a slideshow of some highlights of our first year with Lindy. Click View All Images and it should start it for you. Enjoy!

Much love,
Don, Lisa, & Lindy Li-Xiao


Mommy of Boys said...

Happy Gotcha Anniversary! I LOVED the slideshow. You've had such a wonderful year...here's to many, many more wonderful memories!


Jill said...

So many great firsts together and so many more to come. We are blessed to know Lindy and are looking forward to watching her grow up with Scarlett.

myra said...

Thanks for sharing that Lisa. What great memories you have and what excitement you must feel when you think about all the many more to come.

DiJo said...

All I can say is AWESOME slide show!!!!! So many incredible firsts captured for a lifetime!!!
Blessings my friends!!! I look forward to many years of celebrating precious Lindy with you! -Love, Diana (for the Rouse Family)

Jaime said...

I LOVE the slide show. I cannot believe Gotcha day was a year ago already, and so much time leading up to that special moment. But now knowing her for a year...she was hand-picked for you by God. We love you all and have been so touched by your journey!

cammie said...

Wow! I cant believe you have been a forever family for a year! Congratulations! Thanks for the slideshow...it totally made me cry! How fantastic that you will have many more memories with your beautiful daughter!