Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Have you heard the news?

I am going to be a jie jie which means big sister. Mommy and Daddy keep asking me if I want a little sister and I say, "no." But I think since I am almost two, they know that "no" is my answer to pretty much everything they ask; therefore, they don't take much stock in my answer.

I can't imagine sharing Mommy and Daddy with anyone else and I really can't imagine sharing my toys. I have lots of time to get used to the idea, though. My friends Beck and Scarlett are about to have babies in their house, so I'll have to watch how they do and ask them for advice when the time comes.

In all fairness, Mommy and Daddy are going to do a blog for my sister. There's not much there yet but there will be in the future. Here's the link: Make room for mei mei.

Lindy Li

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