Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kansas birthday

Hello (which sounds like Hewwo when Lindy says it),

Last week we had a great trip to Kansas to visit Papa and Mammaw as Lindy calls them. Lindy did pretty well for the most part on all the plane rides, despite her restless behavior and disdain for being restrained. She doesn't make too much of a fuss as long as you keep her fed and engaged with books and colors. I was glad to have Daddy on this trip to be chief Lindy wrangler.
Lindy immediately recognized her Grandma and Grandpa and it didn't take very long at all for her to warm up to them. She loves to play with them and tease them with her spunky personality.

We did some shopping, went to a phenomenal petting zoo, and ate lots of good food. Lindy really loved the fish that Papa grilled and Mammaw's mashed potatoes. Being the big baseball fan that he is, Papa had wanted to take his girl to a Royals game. However, we vetoed the idea because we're not sure Lindy is much of a baseball fan yet and thought it'd be a challenge to sit through nine innings. Maybe in a couple years, Papa. Right now she's more of a basketball fan.

Not long after we got there, Lindy fell down some of the steps flat on her face onto the hardwood floor. I won't mention who was supposed to be in charge. Anyway, she got quite the goose egg immediately which made me nauseous to look at. Fortunately, it wasn't worse. She was a bit more apprehensive around the stairs after the incident and loved recounting what had happened by saying, "Stairs...Fall down...BOOM...Owwey."

While we were in Kansas, there was LOTS and LOTS of rain. Luckily, there weren't any tornadoes in our vicinity but the thunder did keep Lindy up for a few hours one night--which means I was up, too. Lindy kept saying, "Thunder...NOISY." We were glad that we remained safe but watching the devastation in other parts of the state was awful.

We celebrated Lindy's second birthday a couple days early. All Lindy wanted for her birthday was cake and then ice cream. When asked whether she wanted white or chocolate frosting she chose chocolate (that's my girl) and Mammaw delivered!

We had a super time. It is so fun watching them interact with Lindy and her with them. Thanks for everything!

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Mom said...

It was so amazing to see all the progress Lindy has made since we were last with her...and such fun too! Your love and diligence in training ("choo-choo") our little girl is so apparent. Thanks for all you do.