Saturday, March 31, 2007

Meeting another friend

Several days ago Don and I had the privilege of meeting the Oyler family visiting San Antonio all the way from Kansas City, MO. Kim is another one of my special prayer call friends and I always knew I'd get to meet her but figured it would be on her hometurf in conjunction with a visit to my parents. So, what a great surprise it was to find out they were coming to SA for spring break.

We got to meet up for dinner and had a super time getting to know Kim, Brad, and their two boys. Kim and Brad are waiting to bring home Emme. They, unfortunately, have a pretty long road still but know that God will reveal Emme to them in His perfect timing. We had fun telling them about our adventures in China, showing them our travel pictures, and sharing Lindy with them. The boys had lots of fun with Lindy and she loved them and kept calling them, "the boys."

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...while Lindy is our best gift from our adoption journey, the new friends we have made a long the way were unexpected and special gifts and we are grateful for them.

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Mommy of Boys said...

What a great support system you all have in each other!