Thursday, March 08, 2007

Our girl is 22 months old today

22 months oldOkay, okay, like it or not, when people ask how old Lindy is, we still answer in months. It is probably pretty obvious she is at least one, so we kind of figure if we answered, "one" it would sound kind of disrespectful to someone taking the time to ask. We really can't believe in two months we will be the parents of a two year old. Where has the time gone?

Here are a few things about Miss Lindy...

  • She likes to help with the laundry and does a pretty good job getting the clothes from the hamper to the washer

  • She uses just about anything as a phone and loves to pretend to talk on the phone

  • She loves Elmo aka "Melmo"

  • She takes her socks off during her nap and often puts them in the hamper

  • She dramatically places her hand over her mouth when she gets in trouble or has her feelings hurt and forces herself to cry

  • She yells "airplane" out everytime she sees or hears one

  • She is a huge fan of preacher Mark

  • She kindly says, "no thank you" when she doesn't want something even when it isn't an option

  • She is highly impatient

  • She loves to pour tea from her teapot and always warns me it is hot

  • She is learning her ABCs and likes to sing the ABC song

  • She is getting a lot better with her colors

  • She loves to walk around in our shoes which is amazing to watch in Don's size 13s and my pumps

We marvel at how one little being can have so much personality and bring us so much happiness. So for now, we celebrate our 22 month old!!! For soon we will have a two year old and that will be our answer all year long!

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