Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The time has finally come...

Tomorrow marks another milestone. It is the day we leave for China. To some it may seem like our journey is nearing the end; however, it is really just beginning. I found a short poem that captures some of what we are feeling...

The Wait is Over

One last road to travel,
One last way to go.
One more day to forever,
Just to let you know.
The wait is finally over,
The journey is just beginning.
Now this comes to let you know,
Dreams really do come true.

-Author unknown

The bags are packed. We have checked our lists over and over--and it appears we are as ready as we'll ever be; however, who is really ever fully ready for parenthood?

It's quiet; yet, I know it won't be this quiet again for a long time. I am tired; yet, I know I'm about to undergo a tiredness like I've never ever experienced. For the most part, life is pretty easy; yet, I know it is about to become more complex. Why take a lovely even number of two, and turn it to an odd number of three? The answer is found in a four letter word--LOVE. Love is what has brought us to this place. Our love for each other, and our love for our chosen child who has grown in our hearts for years. Ready? Yes, I believe we are...

We will be thinking of you and missing you while we are away. Please keep us in your prayers.

Don & Lisa


cecilia said...

Hi. This is Megan Marchese's older sister Cecilia. Congratulations and best of luck in China. We loved it over there and had a wonderful time. I've been kept abreast of your progress by Megan and Katie. Our Grace is 4 years old now. Time flies. Good luck and hope to see pictures of your new family of three. Cecilia

Annie said...

Hi, I'm in New Zealand and I stumbled upon your blog while researching China adoption.
What a beautiful, beautiful little girl your Lindy is!!
I'm going to check in with your blog over the next few days hoping you'll be posting from China.
Best to you both, and that darling girl.
Have a wonderful trip!