Monday, March 27, 2006

Lasts and firsts

I have always been a person who observed "lasts." Call me sappy, but I always have. "Lasts" are often accompanied with some tears here and there. Whether it was the last time I walked down the halls at high school, or the last time I signed my maiden name, lasts have always been something I have been accutely aware of. Sometimes I would share my "lasts", other times I kept them to myself.

Well, I am at it again!

Yesterday was potentially my "last" uninterrupted peaceful church service (for a while). Today was my "last" day at work for 12 weeks. Tomorrow is my "last" day off by myself. Last week was our "last" outing with Jeff and Jennifer Hassmann without kids. The list goes on and on...

Well, I've been trying to think of things differently. Now I realize there are so many more "firsts" to look forward to: The "first" time I see Lindy (either on Sunday or Monday). The "first" time I hold her. The "first" time I hear her laugh a deep belly laugh. The "first" time she calls me mommy. The list goes on and on...

The lasts and the firsts make life special. I look forward to telling you about many of our "firsts" over the next few days.


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