Friday, March 24, 2006

Lao Lao's labor of love

Well, Lindy's room is almost complete, with the exception of adding some finishing touches to the walls that didn't quite get done, and of course Lindy in the crib. :o) Her nursery is nothing like I would have dreamt it would be. We started out thinking pale green and pink toile with white furniture. As you can see, it is not even close.

When we first started the adoption process, we referred to our daughter as our "China doll." One day I typed China doll in a search engine and found an adorable fabric named China Dolls. I fell in love with it, and had to have it. In HGTV talk, it became my inspiration piece. I continued to buy other coordinating fabrics and handed them over to my mom who had agreed to design and sew
the bedding and window treatments for Lindy's room. She spent many sleepless hours creating her designs, rather than counting sheep and labored for months making several pieces.

Today we received her crib quilt. It beautifully incorporates all the fabrics used in the room, and is even signed, "Made with love for Lindy by Grandma Caples. February 2006." It is wonderful.

I call this post "Lao Lao's labor of love," because Lao Lao is the name for maternal grandmother in Chinese. It truly has been a labor of love. Not just a grandmother's love for her granddaughter, but a mother's love for her daughter.

Thank you, Mom, for all your work. We love everything you did, and we love you!

Don & Lisa

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Mom said...

"Labor of Love"...yes, but an honor too. I know how parents want their child's room to be special, no matter the size or circumstances so I was worried about "getting it right". I knew my grandaughter wouldn't care...but I wanted her parents to be pleased; this was for them. Sleepless nights? They weren't the first or last I'll have on Lindy's behalf! I'm glad you liked the results of my "project". When those pictures were taken it was still "just a room". The next time I stand in that room it will be alive with Lindy!