Friday, June 13, 2008

We're not in Kansas anymore

Lindy and I had the opportunity to take a very last minute trip to Kansas to visit my parents. Our main motivation was to see my grandparents and Uncle Rickey who were visiting from California. Originally, my grandparents were planning on coming to San Antonio as part of their RV trip. However, due to various circumstances, that changed.

While we were there we took a couple of historical trips around the area, went shopping, got Lindy's haircut, and just had fun visiting. We got to see the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales from St. Louis and she met the movie star dalmatian from the beer commercials, Bud. Lindy has become quite theatrical and loves to act out scenes from Cinderella. She loved having an adoring and interactive audience. She also loved having her toenails and fingernails painted with the color Pink Crystal.

Lindy was an absolute champ on all legs of the trip (even with delays) and missed several naps during our stay. She did absolutely great! I was reminded how blessed I am with such a flexible and happy child.

We had a super fun time and are so happy we got to make this quick, unexpected trip! Thanks for everything, Mom & Dad! We love you!


Kate said...


So glad to see you had a nice visit! I LOVE the picture of Lindy and you Dad...he looks so in love with her!! Very sweet (and a little hard for me actaully this own dad chose to stay home to work at a community event rather than travel to see Lia's first recital...maybe that is why that picture struck me as so special).

I missed you this week and thought of you often. Thanks for sharing your picutres and your looks lovely and very relaxing!

cristie said...

Yeah, so glad you had a great trip! Pictures like those of sleeping babies on Grandparents are priceless! Glad you are home too. We hope to see you soon. I miss the Osborn clan and little Miss Lindy.