Monday, August 02, 2010

Memorable May 2010 moments

Besides Lindy's birthday, there were a few other picture taking, memory making moments in May...

The day after Lindy's birthday was Mother's Day. After church we had a yummy meal at Texas Land & Cattle. Oddly, Lindy's father didn't take any pictures of Lindy and her mommy together, nor did he take a generational picture of Lindy, her mommy, and her grandma. Sorry to throw you under the bus, hon! ;-) You know I love you, just don't be afraid to click away! However, Grandpa shot a couple.

It has been fun watching Lindy overcome her fears and become more confident riding the bike she got for her 5th birthday. We're in no hurry to remove the extra assistance and I'm perfectly okay with her conservative approach to life!

On May 20th, our little lady graduated from preschool. Lindy attended preschool for a year and a half and absolutely LOVED it. She had wonderful teachers and was around a great group of kids. It was worth every penny we spent. I was really melancholy prior to her graduating as I realized it was an end of one chapter of her life. She's growing up so quickly. We are so proud of all she's learned and how she is developing. We are also so thankful for all the people who have had a hand in teaching her and molding her. On graduation day, there was a brief program for the audience. Our at-home, Taylor Swift-singin', in front of the mirror dancin' entertainer was not quite as thrilled with performing live and in person but she appeared to be singing quietly--despite her stage fright.

Saying the pledge. That alone brought tears to my eyes!

Singing (on the inside)...

Receiving her diploma from her beloved teacher and my dear friend, Miss 'Berta...Hands down one of the finest teachers on the planet. Lindy was the last name called and for a moment I got concerned...KIDDING! I think they saved the best for last.

She may be the littlest one in the group but she has a big, big heart, smile, and personality.

So proud!

Daddy and his girl.

After several weekends of house projects and craziness, Don and I both had an "itch" to do something over Memorial Day but were kind of at a loss of what to do. We wanted to get out of town but didn't want to go too far or spend too much, either...The coolest things to do are all a good 3-4 hours away, it seems. Don put on his thinking cap and decided he wanted to go to a swimming hole. Since I'm not really a swimmer, I imagine I gave him "that" look when he told me his idea. However, I am a trooper and planned our little venture with him which included trying out a place we've heard has killer breakfasts, packing a picnic lunch, and making our way up to Blanco State Park. Let's just say, breakfast was a complete and utter bust. We won't be returning. After waiting for a ridiculously LONG time (over an hour, folks), a server came to tell me that they were out of the special bread to make their "award winning" French Toast but that they could do it on regular bread. I was NOT happy. So, I ate nothing. Memorial Day was becoming memorable really fast! I tried not to make a big deal about it because I didn't want to make Don feel like he was responsible AND having little eyes on me made me remember it is a teachable moment.

We got to the swimmin' hole and I cozied up under a huge shade tree and planted myself in a chair with a book while Don and Lindy entered into the waters...Seriously, swimming in a river gives me the creeps. This sign is only PART of the reason why I didn't get in.

It doesn't say a thing about snakes--but I KNOW they are in there.

PB&J tastes better after a workout!

It was actually a pretty nice day because Don and Lindy played in the water and I got to relax, read, and people watch--which became quite interesting as the day progressed. I will spare the details but I knew WHEN it was time to go.

Sometimes I feel like holidays and weekends are meant to be more than I'm making out of them; however, when I stop and reflect about whom I with and how much I love them, I know I've got a really good thing...

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Tamra said...

Mark didn't take any pics of Marin and me on Mother's Day, so I guess the guys are in good company with each other. ;)

So proud of Lindy. She is growing up so quickly -- and doing it with flair!