Saturday, August 14, 2010

China Camp 2010

Lindy spent three great mornings with some of her sweet Chinese friends this past week for the second annual China Camp.  See here for highlights from last year's event.  Once again, my very sweet, organized, and crazy BRAVE friend, Shawna, put on another wonderful event for this great group of girls.  They sang, listened to stories, played games, learned about Chinese money, food, and festivals, and did some wonderful arts and crafts.

I am so thankful for Shawna's willingness to open her home and bring our tremendous group of girls and mommies together to celebrate the common bond we share.

Here are some scenes from the week:
Painting her tiger puppet
Playing a fun game!
Passing the tiger and panda
Studying Chinese paper cutting
Coloring the Great Wall with best buddy, Karleigh Mei
The beautiful girls

Fun times!

Showing off their dragons (or was it lions?)
Enjoying a moon cake
Yummy noodles and fried rice


myra said... Lindy is just gorgeous! What a fun thing to do! I know Lindy will appreciate having a special time to celebrate her heritage when she is older.

Oh, and the picture of the girls in their dresses holding hands is just precious.

Jcbaron99 said...

Wow!! What an amazing treat for those precious girls. And the bond that is being developed between them through this every summer. Love it!

Jenn said...

You got some GREAT pictures Lisa!! Karleigh Mei had SOOO much fun and just adores Lindy! What a blessing all these moms and girls are to us.

God is so good!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh what a great time...I LOVE the first picture of Lindy...just love it!!!!!! Praying for her first day of school today and can't wait to hear what she thinks about it:) Love you!