Thursday, August 20, 2009

China Camp 2009

One of the highlights of Lindy's summer was to attend China Camp during the last week of July. Over the past 18 months or so, I've been fortunate to meet a really cool group of women in the area who have been blessed by adoption and who all have Chinese daughters--most about six months younger than Lindy. Early in the summer, Shawna, one of those mommies, said she wanted to put on a China Camp for the girls as a way to teach them about their Chinese heritage, as well as grow their friendships with one another. Well I already knew Shawna is creative, organized, hard-working and a go-getter but I was BLOWN away by the amount of effort and planning she put into making China Camp super special for the girls and mommies, too. For three days from 9:30-1:00'ish, we gathered at Shawna's house for a host of activities, games, arts and crafts, and lunch. Highlights included:
  • Using a map to locate and mark the province and city each girl is from
  • Making Chinese fans, lanterns, and plates
  • Having a dragon dance
  • Playing games
  • Making (and eating) Chinese dumplings
  • Learning about three cultures in China and praying that they someday would know Jesus
  • Eating Chinese noodle soup, lettuce wraps, and moon cakes
  • Learning about panda bears
  • Feeding the dragon with chopsticks
  • Show and Tell of something from each girl's province
  • Learning to get along, share, work as a team, and be sweet friends
Lindy's turn to lead the dragon dance and wear the coveted dragon head

The dragon boat relay race

The relays turned into a bit of a contact sport. Lindy, that'll be a 15 yard penalty for pulling on Ava Claire's tee...

Story time with Miss Shawna. Love Grace Lin books!

Making colorful Chinese lanterns

Showing off her Chinese lantern and fan

Enjoying Chinese noodle soup

Lily showing a picture of a panda during Show and Tell. Each girl brought something native to her province.

Lindy showing Maliah her silk embroidery from Hunan

Olivia showing off her embroidery ball

What's going to work??? Teamwork!!!

Using chopsticks to "feed" the dragon during the relay race

Making Chinese plates or is it china???

Making Chinese dumplings

Eating the dumplings...YUMMY...

The girls...
(On the ground) Lily,
Seated (L to R) Lindy, Ava Claire, & Olivia,
(last row L to R) Sioban, Maliah, & Libby

My gift from God (and China)

Having tea for the first time. Thankfully, decaffeinated!!!

More tea please...

What's a tea party without sweets???

Pure sweetness enjoying pure sweetness

Learning about the legend of the red thread and getting a red thread bracelet.

The girls enjoying a video about panda bears

It was three days of non-stop fun and activity. Thank you so much, Shawna, for being the hostess with the mostess.


Kate said...

Impressive!!! Look like lots of fun, learning and fellowship!!!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh she is so darling....what fun and some great ideas. I am sure they each learned so much about each other's birthplaces.

Chera said...

WOW....really impressive and so special for Lindy!

Jill said...

This is the CUTEST idea! Even though I'm 34, I want to go to China Camp! :) Seriously, if y'all ever do it again and need any help, I would love to help.

Jcbaron99 said...

What an fabulous idea! Love it!

Cammie said...

What a FANTASTIC idea!!!!

Shawna McCabe said...

Lisa, I don't know when you posted all this, but I just now saw it. So fun and you did a great job summarizing the three days and posting good pics of all our sweet girls. We had so much fun. Hugs, shawna