Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Colorado Cousin Camp

View from top of Don's parents' driveway

I'm trying to catch up with blogging on all my blogs as it has been a long time. Stop by Osborn Odds 'N Ends and Make Room For Mei Mei for more family information...I'll be doing lots of updates over the next few days.

On July 5th, Lindy and I traveled to Estes Park, Colorado to escape the horrid heat and spend time visiting Lindy's Grandma & Grandpa Osborn, her Aunt Michelle, Aunt Anne, and cousins Jake, Ryan, Brooke, Livi, and Sadie.
Kids outnumbered the adults, so it was a busy, lively, active week as you might imagine! The weather felt wonderful and it was actually warmer than I had anticipated but it was lovely! Lindy doesn't play outside a lot here during the summer because it is so hot. In fact today she said, "I never get to play outside, Mommy. I hate (is that word allowed?) that it is so hot outside. It isn't fair. Maybe come spring..." Anyway, that was a really nice thing about the week--knowing she could go outside, it was safe, and it was literally a breath of fresh air. Lindy tried her hand for the very first time on a little bike with training wheels. At first her little peanut legs couldn't even push the pedals. By the end of the week, she couldn't wait to eat breakfast, brush her teeth and get out to ride the bike. I was so proud of her determination and I think you can tell by the pictures, she was pretty proud, too!

Livi & Lindy...They are only a couple weeks apart but there's a bit of a size difference...

Not even strong enough to push here...

Having fun on the porch

So proud!

Lindy's grandma planned several activities and outings during the week. One day she planned a picnic at a local park right next to the lake. It was pretty fun until the rain and strong winds came.

Pure bliss

Taking shelter from the rain

One of the days we were there we went to a parade to welcome the rodeo coming to town. The kids loved hearing the bands, seeing the horses, and watching the various marchers. I had quite a treat when a horse had a big sneeze and I caught the effects of it in my hair. Aunt Michelle got some of it, too. It was GROSS and I don't think I had laughed that hard or been that embarrassed in a really long time. A friend told me that it is good luck to be sneezed on by a horse. I'm still waiting for that so called "luck!" NO pictures were taken of that lovely episode, thankfully.

Grandma and Aunt Anne with the kids

If you've ever seen the movie The Shining (CREEPY), than you might recognize the Stanley Hotel. It is an Estes Park landmark and it actually just celebrated its 100th anniversary during the July 4th weekend. One afternoon Anne, Michelle, Jake, Ryan, and I went to take a ghost tour. It was quite interesting to hear about Stephen King's inspiration for writing the book, as well as all the non-paying visitors who frequent the hotel...Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo...(Hear Twilight Zone music...)

The front of the hotel

Room 213 (I think). This is where it all started.

The view of town from the hotel

Back during Christmas when we were up in Estes, we drove to Rocky Mountain National Park to see Bear Lake. It just so happens we went during a major windstorm and the sub-zero temps and 60-80 mph winds made it impossible to see anything while we were there. This time our trip to Bear Lake was much calmer, warmer, and scenic.

Sure we can get a snapshot of the lake and all the cousins. No problem!

Bear Lake

Aunt Michelle with Ryan, Jake, & Brooke

Aunt Anne with Livi & Sadie

Me and Lindy

Excited to find a patch of snow and to engage in a snowball fight

Grandma & Lindy on the bus down the mountain

Grandpa didn't get to do all the fun stuff but he did spoil the kids with ice cream!

Grandma and Grandpa, thanks for letting us invade your house for Cousin Camp!


DiJo said...

Oh, how I wish our relatives were in Colorado!!!!!
So fun to see Lindy with her cousins!!


Maegan said...

Seeing the pics of Estes Park makes me want to go so bad!! We never go in the summer and I wish we did. I don't even think we get to go in the winter this year :O( I'm glad you guys have a lot of fun!!

sara said...

Cousin Camp looks FUN!!! I almost can't stand to see your beautiful pics of Ester Park. Sniff Sniff - that was MY backyard for 2 years..Now, I have corn. Fields of Corn.