Friday, August 21, 2009

Of things purple, pink, and sparkly

If you've met Lindy, she's probably told you her favorite colors are, "Pink, purple, and red." She may have also told you her favorite animals are, "Horses, ponies, and unicorns." You also probably know she's all about the sparkle and shine.

Well, the other day we were making an "in and out" trip into a particular store to make a return. I was not going to stop and look at anything. Alas, the sirens of the shoes were working against me and wooed my daughter to the above shown shoes. In a matter of moments it was apparent we weren't leaving the store without them. She had taken off her sandals and was prancing around on her tip toes in these. She was in love.

I admit I am a bargain shopper. I look for sales and rarely pay full price--especially when it comes to Lindy (and me) because it just seems silly to me since they grow so quickly. These shoes were not on sale and they were the only pair. I was at a tough spot here. The practical side of me told me to not give in but I knew it was purple and pink perfection in her mind and I'd have a very disappointed little girl if we had to walk away.

I guess you know I bought the shoes...I did the quick, "Are you sure they fit, do they feel comfortable, I don't want to hear they hurt your feet later" speech. She doesn't ask for things when we're out (usually), so I also made sure to tell her this was NOT going to be a common practice.

While I questioned my decision at the time, I am glad I bought them. She has danced and pranced around in them for the past week and has declared her love for them many times, and more importantly her thanks. She's so smitten she's even asked to wear them to bed and has worn them with non-matching outfits. YIKES!

It is likely pink and purple and red won't always be her favorite colors, so I'm going to enjoy these pinkalicious and purplicious moments while they're here.


Kate said...

Tell Lindy we think they're smashing!!! Sometimes those spur of the moment frivolous purchases are the best kind.

And a note on those non-matching outfits...we've had our share...including yesterday when Lia aked me to put her hair in ponies...with non-mathcing hair bands...and then very seriously added a Halloween bow on the top. She was just so darned pleased with her look, I let her wear it when Jim took her to the mall. (of course we live in relative anonimity here...and i wasn't with her...but small steps all in the name of pre-school satisfaction...)

Darling pictures...and won't Lindy appreciate reading this one day??


snekcip said...

I think they are perfect for her!! Adorable shoes on a beautiful little girl!! Precious indeed!

Jill said...

i did notice them a couple of wednesday night's ago-they are darling~

Jenn said...

Sooo cute!! So they were the last pair eh? DARN!

sara said...


I wish they had them in MY size :) MJ would love them too!

DiJo said...

OK - The CUTEST shoes ever for your sparkly girl!!!
How could you not buy them?
Ruby just walked in, and of course she loved them too!!!!

Enjoy every minute in those fancy shoes Lindy!

Di & Ruby Mei

T. McNamara said...

Shoes are always the right decision. :)

(I'm a major shoe-aholic, just nabbed 2 pr Mephistos...)

Kayren said...

After having Zoe, I now totally understand and who cares if she wears them with outfits that don't match-they are "to die for don't you think?"