Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Grandma & Grandpa's visit

My grandma and grandpa came to visit all the way from Kansas last week. I was so excited and had been talking about it for weeks every time we passed the airport.

Grandma had a special birthday on August 28th and we had a belated party for her when she got here. I had also been talking about that for weeks and enjoyed going out with Mommy to look for special presents. I couldn't stop talking about birthday cake. Birthday cake rocks!!!

I helped Grandma open her presents and blow out her candles. I was such a party girl running around everywhere that Mommy had a hard time capturing all the fun.

I enjoyed Grandma and Grandpa's visit so much. We had fun pretending, gathering acorns, reading, dancing, and playing. They couldn't believe what a big girl I am getting to be.
I didn't want the fun with them to end but they had to get back to work. So, I'll be anxiously awaiting the next time we can be together. Maybe there will be some cake...


Anonymous said...

Start talking! Thank you Lisa and Lindy. Linda told me about the tiara. But she forgot to mention it was pink, with fur! Debbie Lingle

Jill said...

It looks like a fun time was had by all! :)

Lori said...

Sweet, birthday parties are such fun!!