Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas pictures

We spent our first Christmas with Lindy in Arizona with Don's family. We weren't sure if everyone was going to make it because of all the snow Denver got!!! However, by late Christmas eve everyone made it in safely.

Lindy survived the near 2000 mile roundtrip road trip, and so did we. She has proven herself to be a pretty good little traveler, for which we are thankful. She did hit the wall a few times in the car, but who wouldn't when you're strapped in from head to toe and looking out at miles and miles of nothing???!!! She pointed out just about every truck on I-10 and learned about trains, as she added two more states to her repertoire.

Lindy got to meet the rest of her boy first cousins, except for Shon. She also met her Uncle Pat, Uncle Robbie, Grandma & Grandpa Osborn, her Great Uncle Denny & Aunt Sally from the Seattle area, and two second cousins and second cousins once removed. She also saw Aunt Michelle, Aunt Anne, and cousins Brooke & Livi again. There were so many people to play with and an amazing toy room.

We drove around and looked at lights and she squealed with delight! We've also discovered she's a normal toddler when it comes to Christmas--more interested in the boxes and paper than the gift itself. Towards the end of opening her gifts, she did start to say, "Ohhh and ooohhh." Sounds like she may be ready for a fireworks display!

It was so special for Don and I to have our little girl this Christmas. She by far is the best gift we received all year.

Enjoy the photos!
The Osborns

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I know what you mean about your child being the greatest Christmas gift of the year. Jonna was definitely that for us! Your parenting resolutions sound great. I think I will try some of them myself.