Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

I don't know much about this thing they call Christmas, but I think I like it. One day I went down for a nap and the most amazing thing happened. When I woke up, there was this beautiful tree with lights and all sorts of interesting things on it. Even though I have only rearranged a few of the ornaments, I have heard, "Just look, don't touch" a lot more than usual. It is so tempting to touch all those pretty things...

One thing I really, really LOVE is the music. Mommy and I listen to it all day long at home and all the time in the car. It is so much fun! I know Santa says, "Ho, ho, ho," even though I say, "Ho, ho." I think Mommy is going to take me to visit him tomorrow. I've seen him on the catalogs I get in the mail and on TV and he looks pretty fun.

Last Saturday I went to Daddy's work for a party. Here are some pictures of me and these beautiful red plants I wanted to eat but Mom told me are dangerous. Having candy canes on my dress made me hungry!!! Are candy canes anything like candy corn???

I think more fun times are in store for me these next few days, so I'll write more later.


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Mommy of Boys said...

Hi Lisa,

This is your cousin, Karen. We got your sweet card with your extra sweet little girl's picture in it. I'm a blogger myself, so I was instantly drawn to your blog. It will be fun recapping an exciting year with you and Don. I'll keep checking and when you have time, come on over to mine...

Have a wonderful Christmas!