Wednesday, December 13, 2006

No, no, no to Mr. Ho, Ho, Ho....

Well, folks...we're under two weeks until Christmas. Like Santa, I have many lists of stuff to do and buy to be officially "FINISHED." I do have a sense of calm that all my Christmas cards and the presents which needed to be mailed are out the door. That is always worthy of a big sigh of relief...

Last Friday(Lindy's 19 month birthday), I took Lindy to meet Santa at the mall. After extra effort to primp her and make her pretty, we braved a really chilly morning to go meet the man from the North Pole. The conditions were perfect. The line was short, no kids were crying, and some of her friends were there. She watched Santa while we were in line and really didn't show any apprehension at all. She watched her best friend, Beck, crawl onto his lap with no tears and seemed quite interested in that. However, once I walked up there and tried to place her on his lap she became stiff as a board, suddenly weighed 100 pounds, screamed and cried the biggest crocodile tears you can imagine. Therefore...NO Santa picture. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera, so I was unable to catch any of the scene. The camera lady kept asking if I wanted to be in the picture. Standing there with no makeup, a frumpy outfit, and partially dried hair I felt like barking, "Do I look like I'm ready for pictures??? Uh No!!!" However, I kindly said, "no" as I stepped aside for the next person in line.

Honestly, I was pretty surprised Lindy was so resistant because she's really pretty fearless and quite friendly and outgoing. Of course, the wind was taken out of my sails a bit because things didn't go as I had hoped. I am SLOWLY learning things aren't always going to go as smoothly as I like with my little lady and as frustrating or disappointing as it may be, it's OKAY.

The good news is that a couple days after the Santa incident, I was able to capture a couple of pretty good pictures of Lindy in a dress I bought for her over two years ago on clearance. Yea!!!

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