Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-Days 17 & 18

I really am loving all the answers I'm getting from Lindy when I ask her what she's thankful for each morning. I don't say that to brag on Lindy. I say it because it is a part of her history and I don't want to forget the little conversations and things she says. I'll admit, after the first three days, she got a little "bored" of my project and didn't really want to share. However, after some discussion, it clicked and she's really seemed to adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Yesterday, Lindy told me she is thankful for big balloons. I think Lindy thinks about balloons a lot because her friend Mr. Daryl typically has one to give her each Sunday morning after church.

This morning, Lindy told me in one run-on sentence she is thankful for dandelions (the kind you can blow), caterpillars, butterflies, and ladybugs. Lindy really loves nature and likes to explore when it is not 100 degrees outside. She has always displayed an appreciation for the smallest details of creation like a tiny bug, a spiderweb, a small flower, or little acorn. I love her reminder to stop and look at the little things.

What are you thankful for today?

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Football & Fried Rice said...

That is sweet!! And you SHOULD brag on Miss Lindy!