Friday, November 13, 2009

Thirty Days of Thankfulness-Days 12 & 13

Yesterday on the way to school Lindy flooded me with about three dozen things she was thankful for and I'm including three I remember--unicorns, horses, and ponies.

Today she is thankful for rainbows but she is a bit upset that she hasn't seen one in a while. (They've been studying Noah quite a bit lately.) Also, if you're following these posts, you might recall she was thankful for Max--her invisible three year old brother. She is NOT thankful for him today and wanted that post removed.

What are you thankful for today?


houston + kara said...

hahaha to the max thing! i can just picture her demanding you stop typing about him. :)

KMA said...

That's odd about the rainbow comment b/c Karleigh has been asking me since Friday why she has not seen one either. Gotta be those lessons - at least I know now that my little one was listening. :)