Wednesday, April 22, 2009

March madness and April showers

Well, once again it has been ages since I've posted to our blogs or ventured to blogland. Before I get too much more behind, I'm going to attempt to catch up and write about some of what our girl was up to in March and so far this April... The last couple of posts showed Lindy's goofy side and we continue to marvel at all her crazy antics, her ever-growing vocabulary, and zest for life.

Here's some of the March madness:

On the 14th, Lindy attended a super fun cooking birthday party for one of her classmates. She loves being in the kitchen at home and really had a blast making homemade pizzas and sugar cookies. She also loved the fun little personalized apron she received. It was great fun and I tip my hat to the host parents for being so brave and organized to pull this off without incident.

After Valentine's Day, we told her the next "holiday" would be St. Patrick's Day and the importance of wearing green so she wouldn't get pinched. Well, Lindy proceeded to dwell on St. Patrick's Day for the entire month. She even dreamed that I didn't dress her in green for St. "Packnship" Day and that she got "poked" as a result. The night before St. Patrick's Day, her dad assured her I wouldn't forget.

When the important day arrived, she ended up being disgruntled that she didn't have a green shirt on, even though she had green bottoms, shamrock socks, and a green and white bow...That kid...

Moving to April:

Lindy loved welcoming April by trying her hand at April Fool's jokes. She got a big laugh from them but, between you and me, her delivery needs a bit of work, as do the knock knock jokes she's taken a liking to.

April 3rd was the third anniversary of us being a family. How can it be that three years ago this little creature was placed into my arms? Lindy continues to delight us daily and astound us with all she knows and has become. We are blessed beyond measure and praise God that He chose this very special girl to be our daughter.
Fittingly, we spent the evening with other families who have been blessed by adoption or are waiting to adopt.

On April 5th, we attended our friend Ashley's bridal shower. Lindy is going to be Ashley's flower girl and she couldn't wait to attend this mysterious thing called a shower.

She behaved like a sweet little lady and had lots of fun! Thankfully, our friend Emily entertained her with her pink iPh*ne, too! The shower was during her naptime, so she missed some sleep but it didn't take long for her to zonk out in the car...

On April 8th, Lindy spent the day with her Auntie 'Sisa and what a full day it was. They colored eggs together and also baked the most adorable bunny cake you've ever seen and boy was it delish! Since our kitchen was torn up and being worked on, I wasn't able to do any special Easter activities with Lindy. I was glad she had this opportunity to do this with Denisa.

On April 9th, Lindy had her Easter party at school. She had fun doing crafts, listening to stories, and competing in the egg hunt. When there is candy at stake, the girl boogies.

As if there hadn't been enough fun that day, it was also Grandpa Osborn's birthday. Since he was in town laboring very hard in our kitchen (thank you SO much), we gave him the night off and took him out to celebrate his special day at the Cheescake Fact*ry. Lindy loves parties and was happy to be able to sing to her grandpa and celebrate with him.

On April 10th, we were invited to a barbeque at the home of our friends, Daryl and Lori. They were especially excited to have Lindy meet their neighbors' alpacas. I was expecting the alpacas to live in a field and figured we'd see them through a fence. To my surprise, we met Barnum, Bailey, and Barney up close and personal and Lindy got to feed them. We were told alpacas are kind of shy and Lindy quickly learned to be fairly quiet and not run after them. She was very brave and got right in there and fed them without hesitation.

This Easter, it was so wonderful hearing Lindy tell the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. She easily spoke of the empty tomb, the women who came to the cave with spices and found it empty, and the angel who told them to not be afraid. I'm so thankful for all the wonderful teachers she has at church and school who've helped her grasp the greatest story in the Bible. While we celebrate His death and resurrection every week and don't just view Easter Sunday as the one day to dwell on its significance, we welcome the opportunity to think about it more during this time of year. We also look forward to the arrival of the Easter Bunny and a small basket of goodies. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Caples for the adorable dress she wore for Easter!

While her Grandma and Grandpa Osborn were in town, Lindy learned to share the TV with Grandma so she could watch her favorite--F*x News. Truthfully, Lindy doesn't watch a lot of TV, so we are teasing about having to share. Anyway, somewhere along the way, Lindy must've caught the buzz about the tea parties on April 15th because when I turned it on to view the one held in San Antonio, within minutes I saw Lindy had set up her own tea party. Just another reminder to be careful about what we're saying, viewing, and listening to as this little girl has already voiced her political views at preschool!

Wow! I'm exhausted from trying to recall so many things that have been happening. Maybe that will be incentive not to wait so long to write. The days are busy, as well as the nights and sometimes they just spill into one another and before I know it, a month is gone. There are many milestones, moments, and memories I haven't written about that I hope I can hang onto, as well, but I hope you've enjoyed just a few of them.


Kate said...

I'm thrilled to catch up with You all. So funny...I was home today...and you were so on my mind. I even checked Mei Mei's blog to see if you had updated...

It looks like you have had a wonderful wonderful. I am glad you are living life to the fullest...


Kara said...

lindy is a lot more brave with those alpacas than i am! houston always wants to go feed them and i'm always a little scared to surrender my fingers to their... gums? teeth? who knows!

DiJo said...

PRECIOUS photos!!!! Oh, she is going to be the best and sweetest, flower girl!!! I can't wait to see photos from that! I love the dress she wore for the shower.
What a fun month you all have had!!!! HAPPY Anniversary Belated!!! 3 years already? WOW!!!!
Thanks for the update!!!!! And, thank you for my birthday card!!!


myra said...

What fun you've been having! The bit about "St. Packnship" Day is too funny!

Love her Easter dress and her tutu!

Jill said...

I've been thinking about you lately, love the update!!! That is SO funny that Lindy set up her own tea party... lol. She is getting so big and just a cute as ever!

sara said...

you did a great job catching up! So many things to comment on...I didn't know alpacas were so small & friendly! lol! I also didn't know you knew Karleigh Mei! I loved Lindy's dress she wore to the shower! And her Easter dress too! I know you must be so proud of her - THREE years!?! Happy Forever Family Day!

Jaime said...

Looks like you have been super busy, but with all fun stuff. :-)

The Oswalds said...

Looks like you've had a couple of fun months. I LOVE....the adoption day pics (has it really been 3 years!), the bridal shower dress, the Easter bunny cake & the Easter tu-tu. All great pictures!