Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Putting it all together

One of my biggest concerns about sending Lindy to preschool was lunch. She's a pretty good eater but S-L-O-W and easily distracted. As presumed, our little social butterfly spends too much time chatting and not enough time chowing. As a result, she often comes home from school hungry or with a lot of her lunch left in her box. I've tried various approaches to get her to eat at school but I haven't found the one that works yet. While I'd like for her to eat it all, I more importantly want her to eat the healthiest things first and then move on to the snack type foods. I know her appetite will vary depending on what she ate for breakfast that morning and other factors.

Last Monday prior to school, Don joined my efforts and strongly emphasized that she needed to eat her lunch...Lindy must've taken the talk with Daddy to heart because she announced to her teacher that she needed to eat ALL her lunch or she was going to be in big trouble. Unfortunately, this did not keep her from talking up a storm during lunch. So when it came time to go to the playground, Lindy was in a panic because she hadn't finished all her lunch. Lindy's teacher let her take her carrots to finish up outside but said she was pretty sure her mommy and daddy wouldn't mind if she left a few pretzels. At that moment, Lindy looked at her teacher and said, "Ms. Theresa, you are the devil."

I was a bit mortified when her teacher told me that Lindy had called her the devil but then when I heard the story it all made sense. A few weeks ago, Lindy asked me what temptation is and what it means to be tempted. I gave her some examples and told her how the devil will put people around us to tell us it is okay to do or not something, even when we know better. We've also talked a lot about making good choices that will please God or bad choices that don't please God. Well, in her little mind she thought Ms. Theresa was tempting her to go against us.

So, on the way home from school that day we talked about how Ms. Theresa wasn't the devil and wasn't trying to tempt her to do something wrong and that we trust Ms. Theresa to help Lindy do the right thing and make wise decisions. It is fascinating to watch her trying to put all these challenging life concepts together and make sense of them. I pray this sweet child will continue to have wisdom and discernment and strive to make good choices and while I'm at it, I pray she'll have a little more tact, too.


Jaime said...

That is kind of funny. I would have been a little mortified too. It is interesting to see how kids connect all the dots of life! There sure is a lot to learn...

Jill said...

LOL... Lindy is so funny. I love to hear about all the wonderful things you are teaching her. I bet she's a delightful little girl.

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa,
Oh, how I've missed you!! I have to say, that is mighty funny. Kids are so literal, but even so, that was some pretty advanced thinking for someone her age. But I'm still guessing you might have blushed just a bit when her teacher told you. :)


The Oswalds said...

Lisa, that is so funny! But it's good she is listening and "putting it all together"! Now if I could convince Kylee how important it is to eat her lunch, breakfast & dinner. She is super slow and a little picky.

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! Hilarious and sad at the same time. I know you were embarrassed, but at least you know she has been listening to you. :)