Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Look Mom, she's Chinese!"

For close to a year now, Lindy has been able to recognize Asian people (she thinks they are all Chinese). I first remember her pointing it out in Schlotzky's and the grocery store. Then she noticed people on TV--first broadcasts regarding China on the nightly news, then Sandra Oh on a Grey's Anatomy trailer, then a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. She's even pointed it out in caricature drawings. She's not at all bashful about letting me know when she spots someone of Asian descent. She'll say FULL volume, "Look Mom, she's/he's Chinese like me!" Yep, the embarrassing kid comments are alive and well...

There are a couple interesting things about her fascination with Asian people...

1. Don and I haven't really placed much emphasis on her being Chinese or from China. While we are not ashamed of the fact that she is Chinese, it just hasn't been a big topic of discussion. A lot of it is because she's only two. When we look at Lindy, we just see our daughter not our Chinese daughter. We know it will definitely come up more in the future, though, and we'll handle the various issues as they come.

2. There isn't a huge Asian population where we live. Up until recently, the only Asian friends she's had have been pictures on blogs and the refrigerator.

So, while I don't know where she learned to be so in tune with Asians, it is there. Somehow, I think it must be kind of important to her.

Recently, Lindy was blessed to meet these two little beauties, Libby(left) and Maliah(right).

When she talks about her new friends "Wibby" and "Mawiah," she makes sure to point out they are Chinese.

These three are very active, very social, and funny little spitfires!

It is fun watching them play together and I am hopeful they will continue to be friends as they grow and get older.


Kate said...

That's really interesting Lisa! Lia hasn't really seemed to notice other Asian people, although she recently has become fixated on the fact that her eyes are brown and we both have blue eyes. It's funny that you mentioned how you and DOn just think of Lindy as your daughter as opposed to your Chinese daughter. I remember having the (somewhat odd, sleep deprived, where did that even come from)thought in the first few weeks we were home from China that people probably wouldn't even notice Lia was Chinese. She had already started just being "my daughter".

How great that Lindy met some new friends! Lia and I have a little package to send out to Lindy (and her sweet mom!) when we get back form our trip this weekend!!



MississippiZen said...

Lilli notices them now ... only because she watches Ni Hao, Kai Lan almost every day ... and because we read her two favorite books every night that talks about China and adoption (I Love You Like Crazy Cakes and Every Year On Your Birthday (by the same author). She will now go around and talk about how she was born in China and then name off everyone she "knows" that was born there as well.
Amazing little souls these girls are ... and hopefully, with lots of love and straight forward story telling, they will be proud of their Chinese heritage :)

Lindy is precious .. I wish we lived close enough that Lilli was including her on that list of everyone she knows that is Chinese :)


Jenn said...

I find it fascinating how fascinated Lindy is with Asian people. And so young! I'm going to bet that the Lord has called this sweet child to spread HIS love to the Asians. I can't wait to see what He has in store for her precious life!!

Look at those 3 little cuties!! Can't wait to see Karleigh Mei with them! :o)

Jaime said...

Beck has occasionally seen Asian children on TV or at MDO (there are quite a few adopted children there...I bet you know their parents) and he will tell me that "she looks like Lindy". Funny what they notice and think about.

The Oswalds said...

What cute pictures. How special for Lindy to have these friends.

Tonya said...

I think that is so neat she see's this. I also think it's great that she has some new friends that she can share stuff with later. I don't know how I would feel if no one resembled me. Two years old does seem young to take notice. She must be quite a smart girl.

mommy24treasures said...

I remember when Chloe was 3-4 she started getting excited when she saw a child that looked like her. She always noticed Asian people as well because we were waiting for baby sister and I was constantly talking about China.
Lindy is so precious. I love that she was so happy to meet her friends.

Lexie said...

This is very interesting!! It will be so much fun for her when she has a little sister that looks just like her!

Lindy, Maliah and Libby were so cute playing with each other! I can't wait to add Karleigh Mei to the mix!

missy said...

Lindy is just precious! We, too, live in an area with not many asian people. We do have a playgroup of children who were adopted from China. They mean the world to Paige. While we have never made a huge deal over her being "Chinese", it seems to be important to her.

It's amazing what goes on in their little minds!

The West's said...

she always seems so tuned in to what's going on around her... she's a smart little cookie!

cristie said...

YAY Lisa ... look how cute our girls are together! LOVE THE PICTURES! Maliah loves "indy" and it is so fun to see them together. We need to take the opportunity more often for some play time. Mommy here would love the adult companionship as well! Looking at those pictures .... I think the Lord gave us three of the cutest girls! Can't wait to see "indy" get a baby sister one day soon. It will be a sweet day when Lindy sees that her sister is chinese too and looks like her too. I know that will be a huge value to her and to her identity as she grows up. I am so thankful that we crossed paths. I still think back to McAllister's when my Canyon said "look Mommy, that baby is from China too ... just like our Maliah". Even Canyon knows in his heart that his sister having a friend who shares a similar story will be special to her!
Hope to see you guys soon!
Cristie .... and Maliah too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, how TOTALLY YUMMY do they look playing in the sand??!! Just DARLING!! What a blessing!! Much love, Pamela

Linette said...

Oh how sweet! I think Hannah has the opposite outlook because she thinks I'm Chinese. :) Love the pics of the girls...what cuties!!!

ADELE said...

That is so funny Lisa. Mallory notices people that are Chinese as well. She is the ONLY Chinese person in our town but when we get together with our FCC group she knows that they are all Chinese and she loves her CHina sisters. Someone asked her the other day what she wanted to be when she grew up and she told them "a Chinese lady". HAHA. I think we can safely say she will succeed at that. LOL.

Heather said...

Hey Lis - I thought I commented on this, but I dont' see it, sooooo - I think this is very funny. Emily is actually our loud mouth around here..."SHE is Chinese JUST LIKE HANNAH."... "Um yes, EM, can you say it quieter?"... "Why, Mom, facts are facts." Said the wide mouthed redhead:) Honestly, I don't see it really and it doesn't seem Hannah sees it yet, but Em, she notices everything!

I love this post - adorable friends for Lindy Li to hang with:)

Love you!