Friday, April 04, 2008

Celebrating Gotcha Day

Me on the red couch at the White Swan right before coming home

Me on the eggplant couch at home almost two years later

Yesterday we celebrated my second Gotcha Day. I asked Mommy if it was my birthday and she said Gotcha Day is a special day kind of like a birthday. It is the celebration of the day we finally met in China. Today, April 4th, is the day we officially became a family forever.

First picture with Daddy

Forever his girl
Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time to celebrate as a family last night because Daddy had an important meeting. However, Mommy made sweet and sour chicken with rice, as well as egg drop soup. Mommy promised me she'll make me some dumplings another time. I can't wait!!!

Dinner was okay but dessert was THE BEST!!! Mommy brought home an ice cream cake that was DELICIOUS. It was called Peanut Butter Playground. I could play at that playground ALL day long!!!

To wrap up the night, Mommy read I Love You Like Crazy Cakes. Actually, I told the story. She CRIES every time she reads that book and Shaoey and Dot, too. Not really sure why. She tells me one day I'll understand...
Thanks for letting me tell you about my special day!
Lindy Li-Xiao


myra said...

Happy Gotcha Day! Lindy you are a precious little girl and have wonderful parents and I am so glad you're an Osborn!

Sophie's Mom said...

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day! My Sophia had that same red dress, it was my favorite of all the dressed I got in China!

The Oswalds said...

She is so beautiful Lisa! Happy Gotcha Day & Forever Family Day! Can you believe it has been 2 years? Hope you have a wonderful weekend remembering those first moments as a family. God gives great gifts!


Kate said...


Lindy looks absolutely regal in her red dress. It sounds like you had a fabulous celebration (and I just have a feeling hat Lia would hit it off grandly with Miss Lindy, lover of ice cream cake AND naked chicken dancing!! :-) Those are two things we hold dear in our house for sure where goofy is aspired to each and everyday and a little sugar makes everything a celebration!)

What a wonderful way to mark this very special day...and Egg drop soup??? Mucho impressed sista!!



Jcbaron99 said...

What a great thing to be celebrating. I can't believe it has been 2 years.
I SOOOO want one of those cakes now. Mmmmmmmmm

Cammie said...

Happy Gotcha Day Osborne's!

Tonya said...

What a great day. Thanks for sharing with all us wanna be's..


Heather said...

Oh, where to start....first, loooove the red dress on the red couch. I wanted a dress like that one for Hannah also, but Rob couldn't find that kind (I think maybe he wasn't sure what on earth I was talking about:) I'm still hoping at some point I can get my hands on one.

Secondly, what a wonderful way to celebrate! I love that our sweet little girls share this - ahhh, the red thread - never lets us down! I think the dinner you made sounds delicious - I wish I were so brave. No one here would eat it except Hannah and I - the others would squawk!

Third, Lindy looks downright regal in the pretty purple dress she had on on Friday - just love it. She has grown so much.

Happy two year Forever Family Day! WHat a beautiful reason to celebrate.

We love you Lindy Li! (And your mom and Dad too!)

Heather, Rob, Em and Hannah

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Happy Gotcha Day! Yo are a wonderfully blessed family! She looks so cute on BOTH couches!


Linette said...

Happy Gotcha Day Lisa! I love going down memory lane with you and celebrating how God created your family. And that cake looks so yummy. :)

Dawn said...

Happy Gotcha Day Lindy!!

Jenn said...

Happy Gotcha Day!

Love the pictures and the cake looks YUMMY!!

Leslie said...

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day! Can it really be 2 years already?!! I love looking back on this day, so many emotions!

Jaime said...

Happy "Gotcha day". I am so glad, Lindy, that your parents have made such a wonderful day of celebration for you. Next time can I come over and enjoy that yummy cake and beautiful story? :-)

Karen said...

Happy Gotcha Day!!

Lori said...

Happy 2 year gotcha anniversary Miss Lindy!! What a special day it was~ the dinner sounded wonderful, and the dessert sounded even better!! I love the "red couch" photo and I love even more the "eggplant couch" photo!!
You have the best Mommy and Daddy in the whole world!!

The West's said...

what a fun celebration... any reason to eat cake is fine with me!

Anonymous said...

God is SO GOOD!! Rejoicing with you in the MIRACLE of adoption!! Happy Gotcha Day Osborns!!! Much love, Pamela