Sunday, December 30, 2007

A special first

I am trying to catch up on so many things I haven't had a chance to blog about our trip. However, one of the exciting things about our trip to California was that Lindy got to see, touch, experience, and eat snow for the first time. I remember Lindy seemed interested in snow last "winter" (I use quotes because it really doesn't seem like winter often here south Texas). Several times during the Christmas season she started talking a lot about snow. She had pretty much decided she'd like it, even though she didn't know a thing about it.

My brother and sister-in-law live about 90 minutes from Lake Tahoe. So on Christmas Eve day we all took a quick (BEAUTIFUL) drive up to the mountains to a fun little snow park with a big hill for sledding. The day couldn't have been more perfect. There wasn't any wind, it was sunny, the cloudless sky was a beautiful sparkling blue, it was about 32 or 33 degrees, and the snow was pristine. Thankfully, Danielle hooked all of us up with snow gear, so we were good to go. I did insist Lindy wear her pink mittens, though, since she was in blue from head to toe.

Normally exuberant Lindy seemed somewhat reserved in the snow. She liked it and didn't whine one bit. She went sledding once and was fine with that but mainly she just wanted to eat the snow. She wouldn't stop. It was kind of comical. (Probably more to us because we were watching her experience it for the first time.) Don was worried she'd get hypothermia that way and I kept worrying about whether the snow she was picking up was clean. As you'll see in the pictures, we had to "let it go" and just let her enjoy herself.

Here are some pictures from our snow day. Enjoy!


Linette said...

How fun! It's so neat to watch them experience all their firsts.:)

DiJo said...

Hi Lindy!
We wish you were here to play in the snow with us right now!!! You could eat to your heart's delight!
Right now, Mr. Jeff and Ainsley are out snowmobiling with friends!
We miss you!

Heather said...

Hi Lindy - It's like a big snowcone out there, huh? You look very sweet all bundled up:)

Hoping you enjoyed your first snow. It certainly looks like you did!

Miss Heather, Emily and Hannah

ADELE said...

What a beautiful winter wonderland. I can tell you guys had a blast. I am sure Lindy was just precious eating the snow. The pics are just great of the three of you together. Glad you had such a fun time. Happy New Year my friend!

mommy24treasures said...

oh beautiful! Now thats one thing I have never had the opportunity to do, photographing the Treasures in the snow would be SO fun!

Jenn Gager said...

Lindy looks SO CUTE all bundled up. Loved all the pictures of her eating the snow~~ you need to get her a snowcone maker this summer. :o)

Sheri said...

What a beautiful, fun day! Our family loves Lake Tahoe. The boys and I all learned to ski there. Lindy looks so cute in blue (the pink gloves were a nice touch). How funny that Lindy only wanted to eat snow!