Thursday, August 02, 2007

A little reunion

I am suffering from a bit of blogger backlog. I seriously don't know how so many people blog on a daily basis and still keep it interesting...

Two weeks ago, Lindy and I were reunited with my friend, Lisa, and her family during their annual visit to Texas. Lisa and I "met" each other online through the April 2005 DTC Yahoo group and we were also a part of a special prayer group. Eventually we met face to face in China at the White Swan after she had adopted Aubrey and we had adopted Lindy. Then we also got to see each other last July.
Last year when we went to dinner our girls were fairly quiet and reserved. Lindy had just started walking, so she couldn't make it around much without a hand to hold onto. This year was such a contrast!!! Our girls were both loud, bold, and on the move EVERYWHERE--even in the pouring rain! Without a doubt, both Lindy and Aubrey have made the adjustment!

Aubrey (34 months) and Lindy (26 months)

I am happy that Lisa took the time away from her visit with family to catch up with us. I look forward to making it an annual tradition and watching our girls continue to blossom and grow.


ADELE said...

Oh how fun! What a nice treat to get to see your friend and her daughter. There is something special about parents who adopt from China. We all have this common bond that is almost unexplainable. Love the pics of the girls. Sooooo cute.

MississippiZen said...

I am SO jealous! I still haven't gotten to meet EITHER one of you! It is nice to see Lisa and her little girl and hear an update on them! I am so glad I found yOU!