Monday, May 15, 2006

Thoughts about my first Mother's Day


Yesterday was a special day for me. It was a day I had looked forward to for years. It was my first Mother's Day. However, I have to admit I did experience the day with mixed emotions and bittersweetness.
When Lindy and mommy first met.
For years Mother's Day has been a bittersweet day for me for many reasons. Each Mother's Day I celebrate being blessed with a kind and beautiful Mom who continues to love me with all my imperfections. She loves me unconditionally and understands me more than anyone on this earth. That's a lot to celebrate!!! So why if I have such a wonderful Mom is Mother's Day a challenge?

Of course there were the years of wanting to be a Mother but not knowing what God's plan for me was. So, now that's over. I have a beautiful daughter and rejoice over that. Why the mixed emotions, still???

I just can't go through Mother's Day without thinking of the pain of those who have lost their Mothers, those who want to be Mothers and are dealing with infertility, those who are orphans and don't know a Mother, and now I think about a special Mother who gave up her daughter (ironically born on Mother's Day 2005) so I could be a Mother.

Even though the Chinese probably don't celebrate Mother's Day like we do, I am sure not a day goes by that this special Mother doesn't think of the daughter she brought into this world. First trip to the pediatrician.I don't know what her circumstances were, but I know as a result of her physical pains of labor and her emotional pain, I have been given a treasured gift. I pray that whatever pain she has experienced will subside and that she will feel at peace with her decision and somehow know the baby she gave birth to is loved more than she could ever imagine. Going walking at the mall with my friends.I am eternally grateful to her and could not celebrate this special day without mentioning her.

It was a sweet day. Lindy and Don gave me a gold and silver locket so I can keep pictures of Lindy close to my heart. I am truly blessed! Thank you to everyone who sent me sweet cards and recognized me on this special day. Thank you to my mom for teaching me how to be a good Mom and for all the other special Moms I know who are encouraging me along this new journey of Motherhood.
First Mother's Day.
Just thought I'd include some Mother and Daughter shots from the past month and a half.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa-
How sweet of you to remember those who have lost their mother. I am so happy for you and Don. God has given you the greatest treasure. Lindy is very blessed to come home to such warm and caring Christian parents. I am sure that Don is looking forward to his first Father's Day with as much joy as you have had with the first Mother's Day. This coming year will be so exciting with all the firsts that will be in your life.
In Christian friendship