Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lindy's first birthday

Look at me, I'm one!!!

Monday, May 8th was Lindy's first birthday. Lindy and Mommy spent the day together playing and having fun. Mommy, aka Lindy's personal assistant, also answered several calls specifically for Lindy. Who knew a one year old could spend so much time on the phone? I am not sure how much business she took care of, but I am pretty sure she got serenaded several times.

Although several people asked if we were going to have a big birthday bash for Lindy, we opted to have a nice quiet evening with just the three of us--and that was just perfect!

Mommy made strawberry cupcakes with girly pink frosting for the occasion. Everyone wore goofy hats, even Hi the cat. Hi kept his hat on longer than Lindy.

Lindy got her first taste of sweets. I am not sure she liked the frosting so much, but she LOVED the cake part. She took it slow, but managed to eat most of the cupcake. She made a mess, but not too bad. We did catch her licking the plate (she must've learned that from Daddy), which proved she is not quite ready to use dinnerwear yet. She got lots of fun cards, and some special presents.

Although we were only together one month of her first year, it has been a wonderful month watching her flourish and grow. We can't lament the months and days we've missed, but look forward to the days, months, and years we have in the future.

Lots of love,
Don, Lisa, & Lindy

Lindy blowing out her candle and making a wish.

Having fun eating cake!

I'm a MESS!

Opening presents. Yes, she loves the paper! She even tried to eat it.

A beautiful necklace to wear.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Mickey Mouse from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa


Grandpa Caples said...

Dear Lindy,

You fascinate me so much. I love every one of your pictures. It sure seems like you had a very enjoyable birthday celebration. Of course, it would have been wonderful to celebrate with you and also wear a silly hat. But since that was not possible, I'm very pleased that your personal assistant took pictures and updated your blog site.

I am so glad that you are my granddaughter. You are precious to me and I love you "so much!"

Grandpa Caples

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lindy!!! We're so glad you had a great special day. We hope to meet you in person this summer!

Amy, Steve, Colin and Katie Austin

Grandma Caples said...

I looks like Lindy's first birthday spent quietly in her new home with her loving parents was "just perfect". I'm proud of the simplicity with which you chose to honor the day of her birth. Still, it looks like there was plenty of fun and laughter to make the event special for the three of you. Thank you for sharing it with all of us in this way. I loved the pictures! Grandma Caples

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lindy!!! It sounds like your day was perfect! Thanks for the pictures.

Pam & Mani said...

Happy Birthday Lindy!! We LOVE that you are continuing to update us all with photos and sweet stories!! Keep those posts coming! Much love in Christ, Pam, Mani & girls