Sunday, May 28, 2006

Look out--it's toddler time!!!

Well, it has been a while since we've posted much of anything, so we thought we'd post some of Lindy's latest pictures and provide an update. I know she's growing and am sure her looks are changing, but since I am with her all day, I don't notice it as much as others probably do. One thing I know for sure is that we DEFINITELY have a toddler in the house.
Lindy looking cool at the wedding
Two weeks ago I noticed signs of toddlerhood fast approaching, and then last Monday it seemed like it hit all at once!!!

The first sign was concerning...EATING & DRINKING. Lindy, aka the human garbage disposal, started rejecting the baby food we previously couldn't feed to her fast enough. Apparently she prefers table food like pork tenderloin, feta cheese, and Greek olives over pureed peas and creamed spinach. Go figure??!!! Crawling across the floorSo, now my challenge is to creatively present new HEALTHY foods to her and dice them up in small enough pieces for her to swallow, but big enough for her to pick up, because it seems like she wants to have more of a hand in the process. I am learning I am a bit of a control freak. I don't want to give her free reign of feeding herself because I can't stand the mess. It seems like there is going to need to be some compromise here. Concerning drinking, she can now drink from a sippy cup and she has started drinking milk instead of formula. I can't bear to give up the bottle yet in the morning or before bedtime because it is such a sweet time when she really still seems like a baby. I PROMISE I won't let it go forever.
I learned how to use a sippy cup
Let's see another sign of toddlerhood...MOBILITY. Since we've been home, Lindy has demonstrated signs of frustration over lack of mobility. Yet, she didn't really seem interested in crawling. While I had seen Lindy successfully pull herself up on the couch a few weeks ago, she still seemed to struggle with it until about two weeks ago. All of a sudden it seemed like she could pull herself up with little to no effort almost everywhere. Then one day I walk in to get her from her nap to find her standing in her crib. WHAT??? Don't tell daddy - I'm in his chair.Where's the baby who reaches up for me and smiles when I come in to get her??? Then the next day I went in to get her and she was sitting, which means she got herself into the sitting position. She also gave in to her stubborness and started crawling. I don't think walking will be far behind. Today when I put her down for a nap she wasn't too happy about it. I heard a thud and then a cry that sounded like a hurt cry. Then I heard some kicking, so I figured she probably had kicked kind of hard. I opened her door slightly but the cry had already stopped, so I didn't go in to look at her because I didn't want her to get mad. So, I closed the door. I have the remote.Then I heard some more kicking. I left to go to the grocery store and when I got home 45 minutes later, Don was making up her crib, which was now on the lowest rung. He, too, heard some kicking--AGAINST THE DOOR OF HER ROOM. I guess the thud must have been her flipping herself out of her crib. Do we have a future gymnast on our hands?

Lindy's keeping us on our toes and we are having lots of fun. She is exploring like crazy, curious about everything, and quite the social butterfly. She kisses, hugs and pats us on the back, says a few words, and makes funny faces. She is teaching us patience and that not everything will go as planned--and that's okay. Above all, she's teaching us more about love.

If you're still reading, thanks for indulging us! You've been a great audience. :o)

Until next time...

Don, Lisa, & Lindy


Anonymous said...

i read it all. cecilia (meg's sister) she's a beauty!

Anonymous said...

We're still reading and enjoying it all. Can't wait to see her in person!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to let you know who it was...

Anne, Robbie & Olivia

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the new pictures of Lindy- she is beautiful and so full of personality! As soon as I figure out how to attach a photo to an email, you can show Lindy a picture of her friend Katie!


Anonymous said...

Keep bragging--- I am loving every word of it!!!! Your are well into your journey of motherhood. It is such a blessing! Thanks for keeping us updated. That's why we keep checking in to see what's new.


Anonymous said...

You guys are doing a great job learning from each other- I was excited to see Lindy on Sunday mornings in class and sorry that I won't be teaching in there anymore. She is quite a little angel. Love those toddler moments and be sure to laugh as often as you can over the trouble they get into (if you don't you could surely lose your mind) thanks for continuing to post!

The Schotters said...

Keep posting - it's a great way for us to stay up on the latest! Those toddlers are busy people! Brooke and I are looking forward to seeing Lindy and her Mom and Dad soon!
The Schotter's

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great! Thanks so much for all the updates. I always knew you guys would be super parents! Lindy is a really blessed little girl. We're dying to get to San Antonio so we can see all of you. Wes, Christy,Ryan and Brendan