Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Meeting Grace Lin

A little over a week ago Lindy had the privilege to meet children's author and illustrator, Grace Lin, thanks to our friends Shannon and Bethany. If you aren't familiar with her work, she has written and illustrated many books. Most are about Chinese customs and culture and they are very colorful and fun!

Ms. Lin was speaking at a local elementary school and we caught the tale end of her presentation to the kindergarten group and her entire presentation for the first and second graders. She was great with the kids and we got to hear her read some of her work, learn about Chinese customs, and watch her teach the older kids how to draw an ox.

She was very sweet and accommodating to allow me to take a couple of pictures and autograph books. After her presentation she drew and autographed a picture of a rooster to signify the year in which Lindy was born and a dog to signify Bethany's year.

While I would've loved to snatch up a whole feast of her books and have them signed, I exercised some restraint and limited myself to two: Fortune Cookie Fortunes and The Red Thread (which somehow we didn't have).


The West's said...

I'm glad we got to do this. It helps that we are "in" with the librarian (thanks to Katie).

Nice pic of Bethany and her 'scratchy bottom'!

Olivers Twist, Oklahoma said...

How lovely!

sara said...

I love Grace Lin's books!!! I guess I didn't know she was so young & cute!!! Lucky you guys!!

Jennifer said...

I love Grace Lin's books. I met her at an adoption awareness event our local FCC sponsored while we were waiting for Katie. I bought 3 of her books and had her sign them for Katie.