Sunday, February 08, 2009


How can it be that three months from today, my baby will be four years old? That sounds REALLY old to me. Okay, okay, it might not be really old but it sounds less like a baby and more like a kid. I haven't been blogging as much recently because we've been busy with life and sometimes it doesn't seem like there are as many milestones to record as when she was a baby and toddler. Neither my photography skills or equipment are good enough to warrant just taking and posting a bunch of pictures of her. However, every day I'm amazed by my sweet child and fully aware that she is changing and showing more signs of being a bigger kid...

One of the areas I see Lindy growing by leaps and bounds is in her language skills. Lindy is a very verbal child and has been that way for what seems like forever. If you've met her, you know I'm not exaggerating and I don't say that to brag. She speaks very clearly and uses big words and long sentences. Hmmm...somewhere in the recesses of my memory I remember a chubby little girl who got teased at school for that very same thing.

Lindy cracks me up with what she says and lately I've really noticed that she isn't just talking in such a random manner but that she's carrying on(and dominating) very full, deep, and long conversations. She also experiments with words and sometimes she uses certain words in perfect context, other times she's not quite there...
Within the last couple of months I've heard her exclaim, "awesome," "that's cool," and, much to my chagrin and surprise, "that's BORING," and "I hate this." BIG NO NO! She also says, "whatever" but not the sassy version. Just the laid back, go with the flow version...The other night over a Philadelphia cheesesteak, she saw a picture of the Liberty Bell (which she still calls the Crackin' Bell) and said, "Don't look at me, I didn't do it."
I really felt the twinge of her big girl ways when I heard her make mention of H*nnah M*ntana not too long ago in a store. What?! Where on earth did that come from? Since then, she's mentioned H*nnah M*ntana several times and commented that she has long, straight, yellow hair and that she sings. Not sure who is sneaking this stuff to her but so far the J*nas Br*thers haven't come up as a topic, so I feel pretty safe that we haven't been completely infiltrated by Disney.
As I hear Lindy adding more words to her vocabulary, learning how to use them, and wanting to know what they mean, I am reminded how important it is for me to make good choices with the words I choose and how I use them.

There are so many challenges that come with raising a child and one of them is the added accountability. I think this verse in Proverbs 16:24 is perfect to dwell on and share with Lindy, "Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones."

So, here's to sweeter souls and healthier bones for all of us!!!


myra said...

Isn't it so neat to hear what comes out of their little minds through their words? I'm forever wishing I hadn't taught Morgandy to say "No way!". She uses that phrase a lot lately and its definitely a button pusher. I'm also much more aware of my tone when speaking to her as she's definitely already picked up on them. "Oh be careful little mouth what you say" runs through my head a lot these days.

Jcbaron99 said...

And every time you post she gets more and more beautiful. I can totally empathize about the "where did that come from?" It feels even better when I ask her where she heard that and she says "I heard YOU say that about such and such" Ouch!
Just today I was talking about music and there was a Cheetah Girl cd at the library. Summer says " Oh, I know the Cheetah Girls, Calista has them on her Ipod" !!WhAT?!?! Five year olds have ipods now. I didn't even know she had heard of them. Said her friend brought it in the sharing can at school!

sara said...

Oh, thanks for the pictures of beautiful LINDY and thanks for the reminder that we live with little sponges & we have been chosen to be their teachers and what we say is so very important in molding them!

Heather said...

I have missed you sooooooo much!! ANd that precious Lindy Li - Just LOVE seeing her - she is beautiful, big girl and big words or not, she is our little Lindy.

Thank you for sharing the newest and latest with Miss Lindy Li, even if that deos include the infamous Hannah Montana - ugh!


Jennifer said...

I know what you mean....Katie will be four in a month and I feel like she is growing up so fast!!!

Lindy looks gorgeous in these photos!!! Love her dresses!!!!