Monday, February 09, 2009

San Antonio Asian Festival

Last Saturday while Mommy was away, Daddy took me to the San Antonio Asian Festival downtown. We met up with my little friend, Lily, and her mommy and daddy. I got to wear my pretty Chinese dress and Daddy even put a matching red and gold bow in my hair. I liked hanging out with Lily. I'm quite the helper when it comes to Lily and Miss Elissa is very patient with me when I help.

Our first stop was to watch the Chinese Lion Dancers. Truth be told, I was kind of scared at first...Between the big scary lions and the loud drums, I got kind of worried. Daddy took care of me and after a while I had lots of fun watching and listening. The lions are so colorful!

A big part of the fun was eating some yummy food! I am a big fan of Chinese food and I frequently request it. I especially love dumplings, wonton soup, egg drop soup, and fortune cookies. I also love to eat sushi but we didn't get any at the festival. Confucius says, "Wise man steers clear from sushi sold at festivals..." My daddy is pretty wise, no matter what Mommy says sometimes.

There was a lot to see and do at the festival--more than we could fit in during three hours. Daddy decided it was time to go when the REALLY big men in REALLY big diaper-looking outfits came out and were hugging each other. I thought that was pretty silly. I have already been asking to go again. Maybe next year Mommy will get to go. I'm really glad my daddy is so much fun and took me out for a fun Saturday outing.

The End


sara said...

Daddy did a great job with your hair & dress! And it looks like you had fun too!

Jenn said...

Fun!! We will have to join you next year!!

Jill said...

How fun! I never knew San Antonio had an Asian Festival. Lindy looks darling in her Asian dress.

myra said...

What fun! I think the men in the big diapers hugging each other are pretty silly too!

Love your outfit Lindy. You always look so cute!

DiJo said...

Hi Lindy!
It is so fun to catch up with you.... I have been looking at ALL of your pictures since your sweet Mama added them. I have to tell you, I think Green is your color. You look beautiful in it!!!! Ruby would be loving your new shoe collection. I can't believe you are almost 4!!!!

We miss you!
Miss Diana

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures of Lindy!!!