Monday, December 15, 2008

November wrap-up

This post is completely out of order. I got so busy that I didn't post a lot of stuff from November and now I'm playing catch up a month later...

The week before Thanksgiving, Lindy helped celebrate two special birthdays. One was for her friend, Beck, who turned four.

The next day, we celebrated Daddy's birthday. We went to Outback and then later that evening had Mississippi Mud cake. YUM! It is Daddy's favorite and Lindy thought it was pretty special, too. I'm also a big fan and Don's cake always signifies the packing on of the holiday pounds--much to my dismay. :-(

To help celebrate Thanksgiving we went with our special friend, Denisa, to go see the Littlest Pilgrim at a local theatre. It was lots of fun and it was a great reminder about the importance of being thankful.

On November 21st we went to the Orphan's Ticket Home gala. Lindy's sweet face was featured on several of the centerpieces on the tables that evening. Sure, I see her face all day long but when I saw her pictures on the tables with other children who've been adopted, I got a bit verklempt...(Only people who watched old Saturday Night Live will get that word!) It was a great night and over $26,000 was raised to help children come home to their forever families.

I did manage to post about Lindy's Thanksgiving feast at school but we celebrated a lovely Thanksgiving with dear friends. Here are some pictures of the day which was fun and FILLING!!! We are thankful for friends who treat us like family.

I truly wish there was an extra month between November and December. I hate rushing Thanksgiving and obsessing about Christmas. I'd love to enjoy all of the holidays for their meaning and the special aspects of the season.

That about covers the remaining highlights of November. Now, I'm thinking about what I might post for December so far, since it is half over. Someone stop the madness!!!


Jaime said...

Now I am catching up with you (thanks to your comment). It is so busy! I am with you to add an in-btween-month so we can really enjoy this season. Looks like November was fabulous though. I hope that you and I can begin
'09 with a date to catch up, reflect, know. Coffee, perhaps????

Jill said...

Ohh.. it's been so fun to catch up on your blog. I've wondered how y'all were doing. Hope y'all have Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa,
I just love the picture of Lindy and her daddy and the one with you. Both of those need to be framed.

I am with you! Where can we petition for an extra month!?! I just love this time of the year, too, but it seems to be just rush, rush, rush. I really enjoy all the activities that we're doing as a family, I'd just like to be able to relax a bit more in between. I am looking forward to next week and enjoying some time off making Christmas memories.

I hope your week is off to a great start!