Saturday, October 11, 2008

The money laundress

So I've previously told you about Lindy's obsession with looking for money, right? This week she found 27 cents and for some reason two women in the store yesterday felt the need to give her change as we were waiting in line. Maybe we looked a bit scruffy? With those very benevolent contributions, that brought her total for the week to 34 cents. That's probably more than most people made this week, given the horrific week on Wall Street.

After her big find of a quarter on Wednesday, this is what I caught her doing when we got home.

That brings a whole new meaning to money laundering. I don't think this is an indicator to any future white-collar crimes. In fact, I'm just glad she actually has taken to heart that money is DIRTY.


sara said...

LOL ;) Little Money launderer!! Look out!

Kate said... either have a money laundress or a neat freak on your hands...not sure which!!

Why DO peopple give stuff to children??? We've had older men and women come up and give Lia lollipops, money and all sorts of goofy stuff. I guess they mean well...or maybe WE looked scruffy?????

Jboo said...

Funny! But it is kind of nice that she is washing it as you're so right -- money can be so dirty!

My girl has been a bit obsessed with collecting change everywhere lately too.

Have a fun week!


Michelle said...

How funny!! And look at that sweet face! Hey, with the market the way it is, she better be stashing all that money away for college.

BTW, it's been a few days, friend. Please pop over. Big news, BIG. ;-)

The Byrd's Nest said...

That is hilarious! Well, actually I agree with her if you think of how many people's hands have been on coins! Yucky!

Jennifer said...

How funny is Lindy!!!

She is right, money is dirty!

Smart gal!


Lori said...

Oh that is so funny!!
Well at least you didn't catch her photocopying dollar bills like two little boys I know! :0

Sheri said...

How cute that Lindy washes off her money! She had quite the week.

mommy24treasures said...

oh just darling:)

Anonymous said...


It was so nice to talk with you, and of course I recognize your Lindy now that I have popped over!

Jill said...

So funny... precious finds and gifts must be kept clean.